World's First Hybrid Apple Watch Band?!

December 4, 2019 by 15 Comments

This is probably the greatest leather band out there

Mifa’s hybrid Apple Watch band (leather + silicone) is the first premium band that you can comfortably exercise in. Whether running, lifting, or walking around, this is one of the most flexible, comfortable genuine-leather bands on the market!

Video Gear I use:


*Video sponsored by Mifa

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15 Replies to “World's First Hybrid Apple Watch Band?!”

  1. Yanki Ma says:

    Welcome to to select our Apple premium leather watch bands.

  2. Jared Lappin says:

    I have the leather band that is not silicone made by Mifa. My issue is with how the band is attached to the watch. Mine will come apart during work. The small sprint pin should not be able to come out.

  3. Phat Le says:

    Nice ! After a few weeks, how do you feel about it?

  4. I bought this band after watching your video. It’s a lovely and comfortable band. I’ve used this band for a full day and when I charged my Apple Watch, the band caused my watch to further drain while on the charger. I’m not sure why this occurred. Have you experienced this before?

  5. Daniel says:

    It does looks nice. And it would match perfectly if one’s wearing a casual outfit.

  6. Hey Hey says:

    Yo i just came across your channel because I saw this band on amazon and wanted to see if anyone made a video on it… god damn the aesthetic effects you create with your editing is similar to big YouTube channels

  7. Do an Apple Watch cellular review

  8. Maybe it’s time I get an Apple Watch 😂

  9. Stanley Hill says:

    What about fabric bands like the sport loop?

  10. Great video! I want one haha

  11. Thanks bro so informative 💗

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