Why are Apple Watch Bands so expensive?

November 9, 2019 by 47 Comments

There’s so many cheaper 3rd party ones, but no one seems to stick with them.



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47 Replies to “Why are Apple Watch Bands so expensive?”

  1. Pizza Pie says:

    Apple Watch bands are only expensive if you’re poor.

  2. Dude….your so young lol 😂

  3. James Towey says:

    Meanwhile im wearing my Samsung Frontier watch that actually liiks like a watch and not a fit bit, with gucci nato strap (3.99 ebay) 100 times better looking, same functionality and a fraction of the price.

    Come on Apple fans im not going to dis apple products and do the whole Samsung are better thing but Apple are taking advantage of you. Samsung customers get to enjoy phones of a very similar standard and watches that are actually better and pay so much less. Im sure alot of you people are good people and stay loyal to Apple because the quality hasnt let you down but vs Samsung customers your getting made fools of.

  4. ADKIc3mAnXYT says:

    You were blonde?!? Lol.

  5. yetus fetus says:

    i got one for 5 dollars

  6. Got bad taste in watch band colors. The metal knock off bands are a better comparison and worth at the price of $12 vs $250+

  7. Also, they’re all made in China. And that’s why the ones from eBay are great because it’s the same exact thing that Apple sells. They’re all made in China!

  8. There are different qualities in third party watch bands!!! That’s all I buy from eBay and Amazon. They’re perfect- mostly.

  9. You’re not wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. SNEAKYXGAMRR says:

    Well that makes half of the Apple Watch ⌚️ price

  11. Dylan Mac667 says:

    You’re just buying bad 3rd party bands, I had great success in all styles

  12. Antony S. says:

    I thought about getting the Hermes:/

  13. its floulastomer not plastic🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. AngeloR674 says:

    U dont know what youre talking about! Hand made items are the best!

  15. I got a third-party black metal link bracelet for my Space Grey Watch for about £45 and it works just fine.

  16. Vincen Cohan says:

    Rubber band after market is quite good actually. I got mine for two bucks and is as good. Or get x-doria strap band they are awesome $11 now amazon

  17. “…even me was surprised…”


  18. BRBallin1 says:

    That's the problem with Apple accessories. You will NEVER find an equally good 3rd party one and the Apple one is friggin expensive

  19. Try epic bands. I got them and I really like them.

  20. Is the leather loop from Casetfy?

  21. Tarek Arabi says:

    Just keep buying the cheap ones as they keep breaking. Trust me ull still save up

  22. Victor Cato says:

    Lol whatever, thats for another video, that coment cracked me up 😂

  23. I have the original black rubber band, about 7 months later it still feels completely new, I’m surprised.
    Tried buying a third party black linked steel one, which felt/looked really nice, but the clasp was too wide from my hand and really stupidly made.
    I guess the story is always the same; “you get what you pay for”. I wish the nylons were like $25 instead of $50, tho 🤷🏼‍♀️⌚️

  24. Fast forward a few years since this video and I have 3rd party watch straps (the plastic neoprene type ones with decorative holes in them) and I have had them for 6 months now and they still look as good as day one ☺️

  25. "That's not premium, that's just a poor manufacturing process". OMG

  26. S Tea says:

    It’s a farce, like nobody can build a damn watch bracelet… the industry been making watches and band for 100’s years… consumers are being dumbed out of their cash

  27. The woven apple watch bands are actually very good and they last a long time and stay clean too for a long time! Highly recommend and worth the price

  28. AMAZON.COM HAS VERY GOOD BANDS! The milanese loops for 10 dollars are practically identical to the 150 Milanese loop! Same material and craftsmanship

  29. Joan says:

    I would have gotten an adapter and used a regular watch band

  30. I found a nice Milanese look band for 15

  31. Series 3 now and they still are too much. I just ordered a Knick off black and red sport so I’m hoping it doesn’t suck. Cuz I can’t afford $50 for a piece of rubber.

  32. ChristianTRP says:

    Choose one:

    -Apple Watch, Series 3, Hermes. ($1k+)
    -iPad Pro, 12.9’’ ($1k+)

  33. adam young X says:

    Liked at the very beginning of this vid 😆

  34. J S says:

    moisturise your hands lmao

  35. I got a black stainless steel milanese loop on amazon for $6 instead of $200
    It's working fairly well so far. I've been wearing it a lot, just making sure that I don't let it get wet, because Apple says even theirs are not fully water proof/resistant. The only thing that's visibly different between the one I have and the real one is the magnet on the end has a silver plate on the bottom instead of black on the real one, but it's stuck to the band, so it doesn't even make a difference.

  36. Owen E says:

    3 words: because it’s Apple.

  37. Andrew Tran says:

    Get the adapter that uses spring bar, go from there,

  38. I had the same red band with the same watch face😂😂

  39. Vlad Miron says:

    I bought a 3$ apple watch silicone band and i still use it and it looks just as good 8 months later

  40. Jacob Farr says:

    Just use wish sure it takes a month to arrive and will probably fall apart in a week but hey it cheap!

  41. Even me was surprised about you English skills

  42. It’s apple, what do you expect?

  43. Apple Sheep says:

    I have to pay extra cos I'm allergic to the sport band :/

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