TWS PRO 2 Latest Airpods pro clone PK MX pro i100000 i200000 i200000 pro i90000 pro i500 pro tws

January 15, 2020 by 14 Comments

29 dollars only
with super bass speaker
GPS/name Change
1:1 charging bass and eartips

One Piece Monkey D Straw Hat Luffy Premium Airpods Case Shock Proof Cover

14 Replies to “TWS PRO 2 Latest Airpods pro clone PK MX pro i100000 i200000 i200000 pro i90000 pro i500 pro tws”

  1. calvin crane says:

    Hilarious you padded out the video to give you the SEO! Well I guess YouTube will have to create a workaround. Just great that you knew to do this. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the review though.

  2. calvin crane says:

    Sounds like the battery not being true means this has the cheaper chipset. The price is also much lower than the average for quality. In my experience at this price point they throw old chipsets in.

  3. L4Cs says:

    Hey Padear was wondering if you were willing to send me a pair to review and compare 1:1 with the original airpods

  4. SΓΆren says:

    How to buy them at aliexpress

  5. Astro says:

    How long would it take to deliver

  6. eddy c says:

    how is the microphone ? can u test it ? i might buy those . but there is no review on aliexpress by now ? so a little trust issue , are these better than the blackpods ? which is the best one in ur store ?

  7. Buy Bye says:

    Hey, I’ve just done a review on these also. Great video!

  8. Is there any better copy or should i go with this one?

  9. Song Ya Need says:

    What the different between Tws pro2 and noirpods on your store

  10. How long does the battery lasts?

  11. They sound the same as blackpods pro? Are they very far from the original in sound quality?

  12. Soccer Pro says:

    First! Omg I love your presentation! πŸ‘

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