TWS-i9s: Unboxing & Review [Fake $40 AirPods]

December 3, 2019 by 49 Comments

Check out the TWS-i9s here:
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Today we’re gonna take a look at these tws-i9 earbuds, they’re essentially knockoffs of the AirPods, and I was given this pair by my friends at Knockies and lucky for you guys they sent me three extras to give away. So if you want a chance win a pair make sure you’re subscribed and leave a comment on the video. And even if you don’t win, Knockies is offering a 10%-off coupon code just for you guys. Now you might remember a previous video I made about the TWS-i7s which is an older generation of these earbuds and I wasn’t so excited about them, but I’m pleased to report that these new i9s are a huge improvement. So first, we’ll begin with an unboxing and review, second, we’ll compare them to the i7s and the official AirPods, and lastly I’ll give you guys my final thoughts so you can decide whether or not these earphones are right for you.


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Three winners will be chosen seven days after this video is uploaded. Winners will be contacted with a reply to their comment on this video. Winners are expected to contact Apple Explained through their business email (located in their about section) to claim their new box of TWS-i9 wireless earbuds.

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49 Replies to “TWS-i9s: Unboxing & Review [Fake $40 AirPods]”

  1. Updated review for the new TWS-i10 earbuds here:

  2. These don’t sound so bad.

  3. Pan Fan says:

    I ate one of the. What do I do? It was the right one..

    Jk lol

  4. I just wanna know what’s the difference between this one and the i11 and i12 tws?

  5. I seen one tws i9 in chinese shop, I watched this video, and i'm gonna buy it, P. S the price in my country is 18$

  6. I think it's really cool

  7. in ma country, i9 bluetooth 5.0 is only 15$

  8. Very informative info on this product

  9. Im using i9 tws to watch this video lol

  10. Excellent presentation and review

  11. Yuki says:

    My grandma sells them for 25 dollars 😂 ima tell my grandma to raise the price thanks 🤣🤣

  12. Got mine from AliExpress for 5 dollars

  13. Then how to charge them if case can't charge them anymore?

  14. Taylor Foran says:

    if y’all want a cheap deal for these there on walmart for $18 w free shipping so go snatch of there

  15. Thanks you. Thanks you😍😍😍😩

  16. Colaiziolo says:

    you could change the background, my eyes

  17. Moua Xiong says:

    I can bearly see the earbuds and stuff because of the white background

  18. BassRemiX says:

    What is the mAh of them !?

  19. Moon Khan says:

    i got then for <14$. But they are made in china.

  20. barok kidus says:

    Hey you guys will take me later just go on eBay and search it up it's 19.99

  21. Th30nionas says:

    Go on aliexpress its only 9 dollars

  22. rosylemon says:

    The sound quality is SO much better than the older version

  23. I bought it for 6$ in aliexpress

  24. Kwabbii says:

    Bruh this guy has a white desk with white airpods like how will you see it

  25. Bought them in London for 20£

  26. Prince Dee says:

    Just bought mine it’s amazing 😉

  27. Thanks for so much information!

  28. Yay It's Ed says:

    I bought i9 for $ 25.00

  29. putri Bsa says:

    Does i9s perfectly fits in Airpods case? Or its slightly bigger??

  30. I guess the ones i got that are the i9 tws were opened and cheched because it looked like it was all just thrown in there and it djdnt have the circle tape or the case when you first open it i was like uh ok but mine wofk perfectly fine i like em

  31. أريد معرفة طريقة الشحن i9S-PE🥺😔

  32. Flo says:

    I bought ones in aliexpress for 10 dollars and they use the lighting cable and my IPhone even recognizes them as Airpods. Theyre really good 10/10 would recommend

  33. God says:

    when i try connect them only 1 has audio
    The right one doesnt have the flashing blue n red LEDS

    Also how do you check how much battery life is left on 6s

  34. How to charge thise earpods if the light inside is rej and outside is blu does that means the are chargin?

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