Top 3 Reasons to Buy Apple AirPods!

December 4, 2019 by 34 Comments

Apple AirPods Review: Top 3 Reasons to Buy!
Buy AirPods:

AirPods are Apple’s new wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and they’re not for everyone. In fact, after having them for a few days and using them for multiple hours on end, I’ve discovered who the AirPods are meant for so in this video I’ll go over my top 3 reasons to buy the Apple AirPods.

AirPods start at $159 so they’re not cheap. However they do have some cool features that may justify that price tag. In the box you’ll see a magnetic carrying case that doubles as a charger which most other Bluetooth devices don’t offer. Inside the case are the AirPods. There’s a Lightning port at the bottom the case for charging via the included USB-A cable.

Unique Features over Audio Quality
If you’re not an audiophile or obsessed with super high quality audio. AirPods are tiny, I don’t expect people to think that these have superior audio quality
Good sounding AAC audio but still not the best when it comes to pure audio quality for the price
Similar audio quality to iPhone 7 EarPods (AirPod mids seem slightly clearer)
Audio quality takes backseat to the main features
AirPods have a processor inside called the W1 chip which makes it “smarter” than most Bluetooth headphones; Instant pairing just open the case near an iPhone with Bluetooth enabled and a window pops up asking to pair and gives battery percentages
W1 chip makes AirPods more power efficient leading to long battery life; 5 hours on single charge (My first 2 hours used 35%). The case also has its own re-chargeable battery built-in. That means if the case is charged, you can insert your AirPods into the case and it will charge your AirPods. Apple says the case adds an extra 24 hours of use.
W1 chip works with small infrared sensors in each AirPod that can detect when you’ve put them in your ears so music will automatically play when you put the AirPods in and music will automatically pause when you take one or both out. The chip also tells your iPhone if you’re only wearing one AirPod at a time.
Each AirPod has a built in microphone

Current Apple User
You can actually pair AirPods with non-Apple devices with the button on the back of the case, but I wouldn’t buy AirPods unless I owned at least 2 of the following: iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or later, Mac with MacOS Sierra or later, or Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later.
Fit is identical to the latest EarPods
They fit me and it’s a comfortable fit. They don’t seem to come loose even when running at full speed. Great for working out.
Syncs across all your Apple devices through iCloud after initial pairing

Minimalist as Possible
This is where the AirPods are polarizing. They go full out minimalist. My current Bluetooth headphones are each under $50 so they’re much cheaper than the AirPods and they have actual buttons for play, pause, and skip. AirPods are completely different.
Obviously no cords which means no more messy tangled wires which makes it very simple to manage and a good enough reason in itself to get AirPods if you don’t currently own Bluetooth headphones. I hate wires. However this does mean that it will be easier to lose one of the AirPods since they aren’t connected to each other. If you lose one, Apple will sell you a replacement at a special discounted rate of $69 so try not to lose one.
No buttons. This means you control everything through Siri which you can activate by double tapping near the top of the AirPods; I’m so used to tapping previous earbuds for the purpose of getting them to settle into my ears but with AirPods this double-tapping gesture activates Siri where you can tell it to lower your volume or play or pause the music and many other commands; Of course the double tap gesture can be customized in your Bluetooth settings or even turned off completely; I found that voicing commands through Siri works well for the times when I can actually get it to activate; Sometimes it takes many attempts because the AirPods don’t actually have a touch capacitive surface; The double-tapping is detected by the built-in accelerometers so it takes a little more force than with a normal touch surface which can become quite annoying if you’re constantly banging your ear drum (phrasing!). I still prefer to use the controls from my device.
So if you want to go on full-on minimalist, the AirPods are a good choice.

I honestly think $99 would be the perfect price for the AirPods. $159 is just a bit too high even with the included battery case and the new W1 chip, but if those 3 reasons I gave resonate with you then you should look into getting them. I’ll leave a link in the description below.


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Apple AirPods Review! Top 3 Reasons to Buy

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34 Replies to “Top 3 Reasons to Buy Apple AirPods!”

  1. Andy Slye says:

    Get Apple AirPods here:
    Overhyped? Overpriced? Let me know!

  2. FIRE NATION says:

    Who else is watching this with airpods

  3. Lobetec says:

    I love how other wireless earbuds do this for half the price

  4. just ordered my airpods (gen 2) 😍🤪

  5. Bob Metzger says:

    Andy, another great job on the review. I'm a Model 3 owner and I just received my AirPods.

  6. Innov Ace says:

    “So it’s kind of annoying when you’re constantly banging your eardrums” I hear ya buddy

  7. Who else is watching this while wearing airpods?

  8. Abby Herron says:

    I got an add that was for other wireless earphones and it was like “ these are two times better than apple airpods” like I’m watching a video about why you should buy them

  9. I got airpods yesterday and I also have beats and I have to say I prefer the airpods

  10. im sending this to my mom wish me luck!!!!!

    Edit: my mom literally replied saying that is to expensive

  11. Ok so $160 isn’t a lot 1.2k plus 2 screens bc I broke them and like 8 cases which adds up to about 2k is a lot (talkin bout my phone)

  12. Angelica Son says:

    Is this available for android phones?

  13. Anything WIRELESS is a form of a radio frequency RADIATION which is not GOOD for YOU so stay away from wireless headphones and anything wireless stuff

  14. Adolfo Arias says:

    I’m gonna get some tomorrow

  15. Wire and wireless are not the same after having my AirPods for a month I tried to use my wired and they sound like crap

  16. Jane Elias says:

    Twice I have grabbed my dental floss in my purse instead of the AirPods case

  17. Zaki2Wavy says:

    It smells of broke in the comment section

  18. Bens Storys says:

    he said airpods dont have a skip and play/pause feature.😂

  19. Reasons why I don’t own one : my ears are too small

  20. YeH my cousin lost 79.5 worth of his AirPod, their good and all but their easily to be lost

  21. Who heard the pop when he pulled the AirPod out during the mic test

  22. Sara D says:

    Hold….didn't AirPods Give Brain Cancer?

  23. Guitar Lover says:

    The bits of footage though

  24. Emilia TCG says:

    I actually got these today because I’m a wheelchair and crutch user (going into nearly full time permanent chair use as my conditions are getting worse) I hate having a wire that tangled in my crutches and bag, using crutches and my manual chair (opposed to my power chair) I don’t have hands for answering calls and I’m definitely not going to take a call on my watch in public etc. It will also allow me extra freedom during stretches and gentle physio. I’ve actually found mine are very loud- louder than ear pods and louder than any others I have ever had (that’s a lot, mostly low cost ones) but I’m perfectly happy- I’d recommend them to other people with mobility issues 100%.

  25. Cdcc Vlogs says:

    I’m getting my AirPods 2 in like a week or so because I ordered them

  26. poofy says:

    doesn’t it fly out of your ear if it’s windy

  27. Luke Ordish says:

    I am getting some tomorrow coz its my bday lol

  28. YouTubie16 says:

    Who's buying the Powerbeats Pro?

  29. The airpods are only 215 now, The new ones are 250+ now

  30. KittySnicker says:

    These would have been advantageous back when I walked everywhere. I have girl jeans so the front pocket sucks. So I end up putting the iphone in my back pocket while wearing earpods with wires. If I move incorrectly they often shift. But honestly? I have no problem with regular old earpods.

  31. X says:

    top 3 reasons not but airpods

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