OFFICIAL iPhone XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Case Friendly) Installation Guide and Review

December 5, 2019 by 35 Comments

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35 Replies to “OFFICIAL iPhone XR Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Case Friendly) Installation Guide and Review”

  1. ximanuz says:

    I like screen protectors who covers the whole front and not just the screen, the bezels can crack or scratch

  2. Lmao, the first screeprotector sits almost 1meter away from the sides and you still talk about case friendly 😀

  3. I forgot If I had one so I had to look at a tutorial lol

  4. Arun Reghu says:

    Is there any problem with proximity sensor after using this?

  5. after i stuck the tempered glass i feel lil hard in touch sensitivity..

  6. Glad to hear about the screen protectors before I make a decision

  7. Michał Ozga says:

    Doesn’t the black thing around cover the display edges ?

  8. Roma Fedorov says:

    hi i have a question..
    Will the 9H screen protector work with a case like the Otterbox Defender ?


  9. Gabriel Z says:

    That second one was easy peasy to install.

  10. Where did you get your cases?

  11. 2Slick818 says:

    Icant buy this no more wtfff

  12. Miss Munchy says:

    can you do iphone xs please?

  13. Debbie Autry says:

    Wish I had seen this before I purchased one. 🥴

  14. Isaiah J says:

    My screen cracked on the black edging which cracked the rest of the screen now my screen is ugly I hate it

  15. CRBN HONDA says:

    Love this screen protector

  16. this is my Tempered glass for my Iphone xr Red And i love it

  17. Habib Ahmed says:

    What background image do you have??
    Please answer me. It looks nice

  18. Statiic says:

    Would this screen protector hide any cracks by chance?

  19. Roger Moore says:

    Will it work with Otterbox Defender Series Case?

  20. Treah Boss says:

    I don't know about anyone but I truly think the iPhone xr is the best iPhone Apple has made so far…
    It's a pity I live so far in Jamaica and it's hard for me to get it because I don't have that kind of money.
    Can someone buy one for me please 😟. Thank-you

  21. 星夜 says:

    it really helps me a lot to stick my screen protector. Thank you

  22. they don't have a lot of Amazon reviews.. should i trust?

  23. This was sooooooo helpful! I just bought an iPhoneXR and I’m sold on the Diamond screen protector cause I’m always dropping my phone and it gets annoying when i have all those cracks, any ways thanks and I hope I’m one of the lucky few who get in the giveaway! 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  24. M Asim says:

    hi I would like to get that screen proetector

  25. JIMMY STONE says:

    I enjoy your videos I would like to win the screen protector

  26. David Estep says:

    I went through 3 screen protectors quickly. I then invested in an Otterbox Alpha Glass. I’m glad I did. So far so good. I’ve had for weeks without a mark. The cheap ones literally broke under my finger. I guess I pressed too hard?
    Edit: I leave no bubbles when I install these or car window tint. I’m experienced.

  27. Yo says:

    I wish you would turn the phone around so we can see the back

  28. Great instructional video!


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  30. HC MT says:

    Don’t cheap out on these I bought a cheap one and it some how scratched my screen without me even breaking the protector it’s self

  31. Can my otter box go over this protector

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