My Favourite Apple Watch Band – Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

December 3, 2019 by 44 Comments

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Electroplating Transparent Clear Compatible With Apple Watch Case 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm For Iwatch Series 4 3 2 1

44 Replies to “My Favourite Apple Watch Band – Stainless Steel Link Bracelet”

  1. Paride says:

    That was the 40mm apple watch 4 ss?

  2. This band costs more than my Apple Watch Series 4.

  3. lee lee says:

    I totally agree with u …. love the link bracelet, im currently using it to with my series 5 stainless steel gold

  4. Matt Maroney says:

    Does the link bracelet fit the 44mm watch?

  5. DJ M500 says:

    I have this strap but have a problem when charging my Apple Watch overnight. I have the Nomad Apple Watch Edition and it seems that the weight of the Stainless Steel strap prevents the watch from being properly connected to the charger? I just wondered if you had come across any similar problems? It seems to charge OK when using a lighter band. Strange?…

  6. JP says:

    I have the raw steel version and use it every day as well. Totally agree with you that it’s worth it

  7. Which face do you think looks best with the band?

  8. Your style is so unique! I like this cold color tone style! Great video by the way.

  9. Arham malik says:

    same thoughts about the weather

  10. Did I just find out that band cost $600…

  11. Zinzi Bam says:

    Stunning watch bracelet it’s gorgeous really in love with the black color the design is also amazing

  12. NAZRR DEEN says:

    Dude where do you get your sweaters?

  13. James Lowery says:

    I got one on eBay for $120. Seems legit to me lol but don’t 100% know because no retail packaging but I love it and think it is worth what I paid

  14. Drew Bkk says:

    Can you wear it when playing sports (like running, cycling, fitness)?

  15. Ian Hand says:

    I’ve got an Omega Speedmaster Professional but I seldom wear it as I find my Apple Watch so useful. I have considered buying the link bracelet but I have a nice collection of leather straps to choose from.

  16. Madhur Jain says:

    Please do a video about your favourite iPhone case.

  17. Do u use screen protector on your apple watch?

  18. It's only -3 in Moscow 🔥

  19. Anyone else get trigggered when people wear watches below the wrist bone!! So uncomfortable

  20. Does anyone have any idea why the silver link bracelet is $100 cheaper than the black one?

  21. Chargerstore on eBay sells 2nd hand/refurbished link bracelets at various cheaper prices. If you ever have to replace your band or individual links, I’d suggest giving them a look 👍🏾

    I might buy an official apple link bracelet one day but this cheapo replica from amazon is holding me over for now. I might buy the official band if I switch from the blk watch to the stainless. I love the look of the stainless with the link bracelet but the blk is super sleek so that’s what I decided to go with as well 👌🏾

  22. ANONYMOUS says:

    Was so excited to see your video notification, love your videos. Please upload more. Maybe more car or wardrobe videos.

  23. A smooth way to syns audio and video in the start 😉😉

  24. anticsdos says:

    10$ same bracelet on AliExpress 🤨

  25. ay7mz says:

    you‘re so underrated, it‘s crazy

  26. George says:

    Your vids are amazingly CLEAN

  27. Abin Jose says:

    Pls upload videos every week.

  28. Canoopsy says:

    -37 here bro! ❄️❄️❄️

    Beautiful video.

  29. Ryan S says:

    Do you wear the stainless steel band at the gym?

  30. DavidT says:

    love your aesthetics

  31. DJ M500 says:

    I bought mine off a seller on eBay who deals in Apple products for £200. .It was a refurbished one but looks as good as brand new.

  32. talking about the cold it was -18 degrees Celsius here in the USA

  33. Rico Uk says:

    Pure elegance! love my series four, up till that one they were just prototypes.

  34. Sxanee says:

    One day… I rock the apple watch 4 and got the milanese band.

  35. Prime Bear says:

    I want the Summer too.. Winter is depressing

  36. Love your style of videos. Great stuff!

  37. Trevor Bobyk says:

    Hey Oliur, love the vids! Curious what your lighting setup is? Looks super clean

  38. Bryan CJH says:

    Notification gang 👌🏻

  39. Diuto Ajoku says:

    Always here for your uploads! 💃🏽💃🏽☺️

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