iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max | Camera Test

January 16, 2020 by 23 Comments

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23 Replies to “iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max | Camera Test”

  1. Please tell dear which has better cemera please

  2. Elena Z says:

    iPhone 8 plus camera or iPhone xr?

  3. Zotac 101 says:

    First Iphone that is worth to buy. Apple seems to really focus on the smartphone market.
    And above all this device is affordable.

  4. For that much more money Apple honestly should've had even more advantages for the XS Max over the XR

  5. some reviews show that the XR performs better and some does the other way. i dont know what to choose.

  6. My friend got an iPhone Dr for her birthday I want one lol

  7. Anu Chandra says:

    Yes I think XR portrait mode makes females look more beautiful with its wide angle camera….. If you are into makeup beauty selfie..reviews may be you will like XR……XS is too real for ugly females like me…..lol….

  8. avocado cat says:

    Please could you do an iphone 8 plus vs iphone xr camra test your reviews are one of my favourite and i really have a big strugle which one should i buy

  9. good review.. keep it up.. do you have instagram and twitter to follow you in social media new subs here 🙂

  10. RavenzDiary says:

    I dont know how i feel about xs/xr making skin looks red or orange, i dont like android phones because of skin looking whiter and too smooth, only pixel 3 doesnt do that BUT it shows all your imperfections instead -_- i wish there was an option on iphone to turn down the saturation

  11. Do a iPad Pro 2018 review

  12. Fenerbahçe says:

    İnstagram what İrina ?

  13. Wow I can't believe XR totally destroyed the XS lol. XR win all the way

  14. I actually prefer the XR🤷🏼‍♂️

  15. Ещё пока не набрали 1k все впереди. Деньги очень мотивируют продвижение канала, вы вроде с нью иорка посмотрел. мы в Виннипеге живём. Сами с Омска.

  16. Fiaza X says:

    Please compare the xr camera with the 8 plus

  17. Pam R. says:

    There’s no way that Xs does better in low light than Xr

  18. Tech ocean says:

    Can you give me your Apple X max please

  19. Jó Joó says:


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