iPhone XR Review | Upgrading from an iPhone SE

December 11, 2019 by 5 Comments

What’s up guys, Frank here with a new video review of the iPhone XR. If you like the video, please like, comment and subscribe for more content!

This weeks spelling error- Squirrel

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5 Replies to “iPhone XR Review | Upgrading from an iPhone SE”

  1. Jake Kayden says:

    Awesome video and as a fellow SE user, I relate to a lot of what you talked about. You have a ton of potential I can't wait to see where your channel goes. However, if you are serious about growing this channel you should do more research. Some of the things you said were inaccurate about the phone, like it having the same camera accept for a few minor things. While it does have the same amount of megapixels, it is very different

  2. I lost it when the other guy said "SE? WTF is that?" ROFL. As an SE user, I can totally relate, rarely do I find people who know this model even exists.

  3. Alex M says:

    Slap some low key music in between the cutaways and we got a siiick video. Hitting that bell brother 🤘

  4. Face ID can be fooled with a picture, but the Iris scanner however… A lot better. S9+ is far superior and for $200 more? Worth it. Sweet guest appearance!

  5. Aw loved this review! Dope video 🙌 just subbed & thumbed up!!! Hope you’re doing well 😃

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