iPhone XR Review in 2019 – An Android User’s Perspective

December 3, 2019 by 33 Comments

I’m normally not an extensive iPhone user, which made this review all the more interesting for me and I think will also make it more interesting for you.

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33 Replies to “iPhone XR Review in 2019 – An Android User’s Perspective”

  1. lulewillrule says:

    Hey Brian, are you still having WiFi issues or has this been resolved since making of this video? I'm thinking about buying XR but that could be a deal breaker.. my old phone has wifi issues and it's pain to deal with 😀

    All the best

  2. iPhones are really fun to play with. 💕

  3. Have fun with your 720p iphone xr users 😂🤣

  4. i have iphone XR Red and i love it

  5. Best review from an android user. Actually giving the facts, not a fanboy. A tech lover! Keep it up, subscribing!

  6. Nice job man! Can you tell us wich model of wireless charger you are using on the vídeo?

  7. You have made a beautiful video…..loved the background music….
    U can highlight ur videos with special points with animated ones in the beginning so that it can bring more charm(just a simole suggestion) I l💓ved it.

  8. Nice and honest review! I liked it! I'm I little worried about your wifi issue.

  9. deepak katam says:

    Xr has got the best battery in all the iphones released till date. The screen is not at all bad as many have a bad opinion about the display , Its bright very colour accurate & doesnt hurt the eyes as the OLED panel does. The bulid quality along with the colour matched alluminium casing is superb

  10. Rae says:

    Who else is getting an iPhone XR or a phone soon and is binging phone vids….


  11. Why did I order a iPhone XR … I think this is a bad idea

  12. Ann Cabiles says:

    In this review i see people comparing this to the s10 model like its better this and that like ok good but if people wanna buy or use an iPhone or this device no one can evet convince them ,and im one of em

  13. You did an amazing job. Nice presentation. What software do use for editing?

  14. Dapo Olurin says:

    I have an Iphone 7 I am probably going ot keep it for a while. But if i decide to get a new phone which iphone should i get?

  15. Govind Singh says:

    Bro, you are nice, good job

  16. Josh Thiesen says:

    Just bought the white XR with 64gb and I'm loving it so far

    So no complaints from me

  17. Magnus Rain says:

    this is a nice review. i am an iPhone XR user. thumbs up.

  18. TylerPar69 says:

    YouTube recommended me this viedo so I hope they where right too also good review and I'd get a s10e over this any day but nice vid.

  19. Malikul Amin says:

    In my country the price for xsmax is 1900 dollars, and S10+ only 900 dollars…

  20. AVMW says:

    You also need to mention the difference in security and support in both the pixel and iPhone as Google will give you 2 years os support and an extra year for security support and apple on the other hand will give you os support for up to 5 years and security support with online call back support for 7 years in some cases . This does matter as the general consumer will buy a phone which in some cases will last them for much longer than the contract period or for those paying the price out right much longer than 2 years. So having the support available to you for many years is ideal in those situations

  21. Chris Chris says:

    AND iPhone XR has water resistance – Pixel doesn’t.

  22. Kenan Hoti says:

    I like the video. New subscriber😎👍

  23. Nice neutral and fair review. Good work!

  24. Sai Deepak says:

    Iphone Xr is the best 👍👌

  25. Sadiq B says:

    Just got my iPhone XR Black 128 GB today. I’m loving it.❤️

  26. Angga Lingga says:

    Link to that wallpaper please???

  27. Jay Mac says:

    Nice and Straight to the Point!!

  28. Deniel Jones says:

    Who knows the best VPN for iPhone? Friends advise me VeePN, they say it works quickly, without lags goes to any system. What do you think?

  29. Aarib Anwar says:

    I don't see how it's a tie between this and the pixel 3. It has way better battery life , better n more future proof performance, will be supported for longer, and in camera is about equal except selfies. The advantages for pixel I can think of is just quick charging lol. Even the display is equal imo cause the pixel doesn't get bright at all. The design also idt anyone likes pixel more. Maybe the software is slightly better? Idk

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