iPhone X Revisited: Still Worth $1000?!

January 15, 2020 by 35 Comments

iPhone X has been out for 6 months. How has it held up on my pocket?

The iPhone X Review:

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35 Replies to “iPhone X Revisited: Still Worth $1000?!”

  1. Marques: Face id hasn’t gotten faster
    IOS 13: Hold my beer

  2. AppleKing says:

    Who else thinks that the notch actually makes the phone beautiful??

  3. he has the perfect thumb for swiping and touch id

  4. Who's watching this in 2020 on an iPhone 11?

  5. Real question though…is Marques still worth a million bucks?

  6. Akash Priya says:

    2 years earlier:

    Apple: “the iPhone X has such a small notch it looks like it doesn’t have one”.

    1 year later:

    Mkbhd: “The iPhone X has like the biggest notch ever”.

  7. Mystic says:

    now that this phone is 200 dollars, I finally saved up enough for one.

  8. Piotr says:

    it was never worth $1000.

  9. Austin - CNM says:

    Right now, I bought a iPhone 📲 8 Plus and I’ve had the iPhone 8 Plus for a week & half and, am loving 🥰 this New in the Box or was, smartphone from apple Inc.

  10. Austin - CNM says:

    Am singing 🎤 Now …. THERE IS NO HEADPHONE JACK’ OH YEAH!!

  11. Shrek says:

    iPhone X camera be like 🚦

  12. V R says:

    Man I sorta miss my X but after going to the Pro Max , I cant look back , plus the camera design on the X is hideous to my now , plus I had the silver one , ew

  13. Can you make a review video in 2019?

  14. Ken Fregien says:

    The only way I'd buy an iPhone is if their flagship STARTED at 128g & 8g ram , improve the screen so it doesn't scratch , and get rid of that damn notch while not raising the price ! Good luck with Tim "crook" running that co.

  15. Those who bought 10 done a good decision because it's been 2 years already and still it's the same flagship grade design

  16. michael wal says:

    I can't believe people comply about a sec…gee what's the world coming to…slow down and breathe…enjoy

  17. Joel Driver says:

    Bought a used IphoneX on craigslist for $400 and it basically looks brand new. The guy only had it 9 months and was a company phone. Works perfectly. Doesn't make sense to buy these phones brand new. My last Iphone was a 6s that I also got on craigslist for $220 and I used it for 3 years and sold it yesterday for $120. They really hold their value if you take care of them.

  18. Noble Sama says:

    Just got the iPhone X and coming from someone who’s never had an iPhone before…I really like it. There are things that bug me but it’s still a great phone.

  19. Everyone in the comment section is android users or people who regret spending 1000 bucks

  20. TEAM BSX says:

    🚦 l
    | |
    | |

  21. Black Brad says:

    His phone basically tried to commit suicide 😂

  22. $1000 for iPhone? No
    Mac stand? Hell yeah!

  23. Paully.G says:

    Now I have a problem lmao. Do I buy a pristine iPhone X off a trusted used seller with legit reviews at around £400 or just buy the 11 pro now? The fact 256gb is £1200 is thieving.

  24. Rania Paruk says:

    I think you should rather get the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  25. So no one's gonna talk about the LED screen in iX and LCD screen in i11?

  26. Who else is still watching this video on their iPhone X in 2019?

  27. Still???????????????? it was never worth that much but it's under apple guess we will all give it a pat on the back

  28. alejo sb says:

    Hey, I'm from the future: notch is still there in iPhone 11 🙂

  29. Watching from my 2 years old iPhone X . 💯% Satisfied

  30. Rub3n says:

    1:47 wait… people used to call the iPhone "iTouch" back in 2007?

  31. Niraav Singh says:

    It was never worth it to begin with

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