iPhone X DROP TEST – The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!

December 5, 2019 by 44 Comments

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 plus during a drop test. Apple has claimed that their glass is the ‘most durable glass ever in a smartphone’… and well… my last two drop tests have proved that to be completely false. Glass is glass.
iPhone 8 drop test round one:
iPhone 8 drop test round two:
If you are curious about how durable the iPhone 8 plus is without a case, its time to watch the iPhone 8 plus drop test and see for yourself.

If the iPhone X is more your style, also known as the iPhone 10, Ill be dropping that alongside the iPhone 8 plus to see when one breaks sooner. The iPhone X does have the stainless steel sides, which will probably give it a durability advantage… But there is only one way to find out.

Fix your iPhone yourself with repair guides and parts from iFixit!:

Current iPhone X Pricing on Amazon:

Cell Phone Replacement Parts:
Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:

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44 Replies to “iPhone X DROP TEST – The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!”

  1. MrBigT says:

    pornstar transitions into phone reviews,

  2. Simo Boug says:

    Apple don’t repair this. They give you a new model. That’s why you pay so much.

  3. Seila Hy says:

    Why sad song when it drop?

  4. ramin arb says:

    I replaced my iphone 10's back glass for 10at a regular local phone repair shop

  5. Infinity Era says:

    Expensive lol!

    Mine asus max pro m2 ₹8000

    Batter than this shity

  6. I have the IPhone 11 and sadly I have dropped it FOUR times on ROCK TILES and I only have scruffs on the sides, but now I think it’s starting to malfunction! (The stupid cases are incredibly expensive!) 😩 These phone should release air bags when they sense they’ve been dropped. 😂

  7. Phone falls 10m

    Scratches at level 6 with deeper groves at level 7

  8. Tanwa 3118 says:

    Consumer:I want to change the glass of the iPhone 8
    Steve Jobs:Just buy a new Phone!!!

  9. Nico slap says:

    2:04 back glass cracks on the top corner right

  10. I got a iPhone 8’s plus with a case and it does me good

  11. While watching this my samsung suddenly fall off from my chair XD

  12. My Wife broke her IPhone XS in one week of use 😞

  13. What 😮!! You serious smh i dropped my iPhone X from waist high on wood floor not to mention 1st time EVER n that shit broke the Screen all way down the middle 🤦🏻‍♂️ yet u dropped that shit 3x until it broke tf

  14. Moose says:

    Crazy thing called a case

  15. rohbohtoh says:

    2:04 it cracked in the top right corner

  16. Tom Clemmens says:

    Probably won’t ever read this but thanks for this gives good info

  17. Ken T says:

    Cringe. next time you wanna attempt a repair, give me your new phone and smash mine. You should be punished for destroying such a beautiful creation.

  18. Autumn-Pro says:

    Who’s watching on a iPhone X in 2019?

  19. Peter Garner says:

    From the first day I have protection on all my phones as they are expensive to fix.

  20. I would just add a clear case 😂 don’t people understand that it isn’t visible if you want it to look naked

  21. Remodluna 99 says:

    youtube is pushing that 2 ad situation

  22. riley dalisa says:

    the back can start cutting me for all I care, I just want a naked in tact screen

  23. I love watching apple phones being destroyed

  24. Ight imma glue my phone with my hand

  25. sunxoomer says:

    Me watching with my Iphone SE

  26. USSR says:

    6:04 if you look closely you can see a pice of glass shard flying into oblivion

  27. Goku Ssjb says:

    The same is with the iPhone X

  28. Goku Ssjb says:

    That’s why I’m afraid of the 8 plus the back glass could break and it’s so expensive to replace

  29. who else is watching the vid in an i phone x? :p

  30. Apple has gone from 💿 to 🚥 to 🚦 to 🎛…

  31. I dropped my iPhone X off the top of a 100ft + Ferris wheel last night. It landed on grass but still is perfectly fine. No glitches or anything.

  32. got an X with a broken back for a good price online. Replaced the glass with liquid nitrogen and now I have a new daily 😀

  33. Mine break in my pocket back glass they want £549 swop it Iphone not worth it I buy Samsung a50 better than iPhone X anyways, if u go to iPhone Bromley and complain of their lightening cable not lasting they give u an insulting lecture of how to treat your cable when 2 went just sitting under max then they insult u by saying they have had their cable for 2 years , funny how all 6 sales guy and women say 2 years no one said 1 year or 3 all day same time , Iphone is not honest and not worth no more our time and the iPhone X still hard to do screen shot always miss right buttons on important moments , IPhone X waste of money don’t buy it it cracks in a case and if rubber case 2 years old and bent they say the case did it but I take it out case every night to charge on the wireless dock , annoying shop now

  34. Albert Vidal says:

    I have 3 cases put on my xs max shhheeehhh

  35. OMG I have an iPhone 8 Plus and from now on I’ll be more careful cause I don’t wanna spend this amount of money to fix it if it brakes! Apple is unbelievable…..

  36. How to remove iPhone 6s body scratch?

  37. Jr Awr says:

    this is incredibly soothing lol

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