iPhone 6 Bend Test + HTC One M8, Moto X, Others

January 15, 2020 by 24 Comments

Original Bend Test:
Watch the Note 3 bend:

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24 Replies to “iPhone 6 Bend Test + HTC One M8, Moto X, Others”

  1. I am using an HTC One m8 it's very good

  2. Whatever bullshit I stumbled on too?

  3. Crazycraigy says:

    Why would i buy a phone subject a bend test….Benchmarks i want, numbers stats…

  4. Sivam says:

    try do the same thinhg in 2019 now.

  5. Honestly the HTC One m8 is still the most reliable phone I have EVER used

  6. stop bending phones!!!!!!

  7. 😃👌🏼 lew rocks !!

  8. the GREAT KHALi can bend all four of them gathered

  9. FAHIM FOISAL says:


  10. SMGJohn says:

    The only way to bend a Nokia is to place it inbetween two container ships but then it might dent the hull a little bit so its not worth damaging such expensive ships just to bend one phone.

  11. ruben soto says:

    this remind me of jerryrigeverything

  12. Isaiah Rooks says:

    what do you think he does with these phones after the video.

  13. how you get money from youtube

  14. Kush Agarwal says:

    pls also do pixel bend test

  15. Scott Combs says:

    damn I wish I had it to where I could just take brand new phones and try break them! this dude has so many damn phones he could prob open his own lil phone store so it ain't shit to him!

  16. Zac Britz says:

    google pixel bend test

  17. Apple invented the first smartphone with colour and which could be navigated through finger The iPhone 2g the first iPhone

  18. Ishtiak Khan says:

    Came here for Nokia Lumia 1020 😉

  19. the crack on the nokia problably was the screen protector

  20. give me a 1apple phone plz…

  21. Sony c5 ultra and moto g4 plus….which one is best

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