iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case & iOS 13.3 Beta 3 Released!

December 4, 2019 by 38 Comments

Grab a new Smart Battery Case:

Apple just dropped three new Smart Battery Cases for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max! Plus, iOS 13.3 beta 3 is out for developers and public beta testers.

Apple December 2019 event preview:
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38 Replies to “iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case & iOS 13.3 Beta 3 Released!”

  1. GamingBox says:

    The girls gonna be flexing apple knows they are the best at marketing:))

  2. Bacano says:

    do these battery cases damage the phones internal battery?

  3. Is it true that these cases affect compass thus GPS in maps?

  4. I’m happy you got 100 MB without new features. You know what that means.

  5. Bro! Can I buy your iPhone xs battery case?

  6. Tech Is Life says:

    Too bad that for the XR they didn’t do this

  7. I love you, you’re so cute. 😍

  8. Sam, Moment’s Battery Case (which is being discontinued, it seems) had a shutter button (which was tied to “Volume Up”) to take photos in the camera app, but it did not launch the camera app, so while not wholly original, Apple did improve upon that aspect of the design.

    I’m rocking one right now on my 8.

  9. Steep says:

    The pink sand was made for ijustine 😂

  10. My iPhone 11 has already great battery life and seeing the price and only getting a couple hours more of juice, I won’t buy it. And only black and white? No thanks for this battery case.

  11. Tiger Gray says:

    Too expensive just get zerolemon battery case for $30

  12. where did you get your yellow iphone case

  13. George Solis says:

    How does one become a beta tester?

  14. Got more battery drainage an email issues with the updated 13.2.3 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Byron Montes says:

    Side button should’ve been used to turn on/off charging case so you use it when you actually need it!

  16. TEXAS says:

    Good video I been waiting for that case to drop now it’s ordered and on the way

  17. Cost too much I’m getting battery case off amazon it’s cheaper

  18. 1,917th person to watch!! Like if you use Apple!

  19. I could buy some AirPods with that price

  20. I call it the premium case.. that’s why it’s $129 plus lots of tax

  21. Creatchture says:

    I really like mine. The only drawback is that I can’t get a pop socket to stick to it.

  22. Mack Jobe says:

    Hey what are you talking about dude the pink sand battery case is available for the 10s 10s Max and 10r as well go look for yourself

  23. iApplePro says:

    1:09 Well iJustine would…

  24. ArdePiertje says:

    7 weeks in your dreams

  25. iThor says:

    15th comment! Tempted to buy an Apple battery case more than never!
    Also, the fact that these betas don't bring many new visible features could mean under the hood improvements in order to make iOS 13 less 'glitchy', which is really needed!

  26. T J says:

    this is that update get it over all other iOS 13 ones this one if definitely once out to all

  27. Koji G says:

    Anyone else having this issue?
    Since the 13.2.2 and the 13.2.3 software update, my 11 promax has definitely suffered in the battery department,.
    I used to get between 12 and 13 hours screen on time, it’s dropped to 8 1/2
    The battery used to take me once it was taken off charge at 4 am, all the way through to the next day until 11 am 12 pm, now it’s dead by 5 am the next day. So it’s not just the screen on time, it’s the screen off time that has suffered as well.
    Might give the 13.3 beta a try

  28. JMUGA says:

    Where’s the link for the apple smart battery case?

  29. T J says:

    iOS 13.3 beta 3 good once out to all amazing

  30. Jeremy Wong says:

    Apple: you get more battery, you get more battery, everyone gets more battery!

  31. I’ve been having some loading issues on safari so I am hoping that it’s been resolved.

  32. 50% more for $130 lol. No thanks

  33. Tech4All says:

    I hate that the Smart Barry case isn’t available at launch

  34. There is a pretty cool new feature. When editing some video you have option to save it as a new video!

  35. I’m the first to comment. I’m a supper iPhone fan.

  36. Victor Su says:

    "a day and a half? two days? three days? four days? maybe seven weeks!" 😂😂😂 love it

  37. Luke 2.0 says:

    Properly disappointed there’s no Midnight Green option for the Smart Battery Case…now it gets covered up, apart from the little bit around the camera lenses! 😭😭

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