iPhone 11 Review

November 17, 2019 by 35 Comments

Lisa Gade reviews the iPhone 11, Apple’s $699 alternative to the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro models for 2019. This successor to the iPhone XR is available in 6 colors and has the same Apple A13 Bionic CPU, 4GB RAM and ancillary co-processors as the 11 Pro models. It also has the same excellent ultrawide angle, main and selfie cameras found on the Pro. The iPhone 11 has a 6.1” “Liquid Retina Display”, Face ID, AR support, Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit 4G LTE and it launches with iOS 13. Interested in the iPhone 11 Pro Max? Here’s our review: .

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35 Replies to “iPhone 11 Review”

  1. The reason I come here it's because of those shirts, Lisa! Anyway great review as always.

  2. Ramir Duria says:

    Less selfies also means less creepy comments from weirdos.

  3. C Triggered says:

    Watched two of your vids. Straight to the point and actually relevant info provided in each one with none of the fanboy/haterism. Will be hitting subscribe now. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Kari Kralik says:

    I very much enjoyed your video! Thank you for the great content!

  5. KC WY says:

    Like a news anchor for mobile phones. Nice

  6. tchokap says:

    Really good review once again

  7. Isn’t that mic too big for a ‘ T-shirt clip on mic ‘ ?

  8. What? Phone? That. Shirt.

  9. Denise Brumm says:

    Tim Cook "I made colored phones – Can't think of anything else". More of the same boring stuff, no innovation anymore from the big A. Not much new to see here. Just some specs for $.

  10. I think the 11 colors look so much better than the XR. In particular, the Green. That’s what I got and it’s absolutely beautiful

  11. Carl Esc says:

    Every Time I watch a video from this channel I wonder myself why she doesn’t have more subscribers and more views. Such a high quality videos and NO ADS!! Thank you

  12. Clint Zara says:

    Apple please. I want a smaller 5 inches phone with full screen. Tired of dragging around with big phones. It was cool at first, but as times go by. It's really annoying.

  13. tintman831 says:

    Is it "the most advanced iPhone ever?"

  14. I love your shirt! Great review. I upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 11 but seems too large for me, I have small and delicate hands! The Pro is out of my financial common sense reach but I might buy a used one in the future.

  15. When the hot girl says you've seen enough of my face…. Nope. Still not there.

  16. Chris G says:

    Wondering whether it is worth upgrading from an iPhone X with oled to iPhone 11? Thoughts?

  17. killdemraas says:

    This is quite literally the ONLY review on YouTube of this phone.

  18. Watching this from a product red iphone 11 😂

  19. IF ONLY APPLE made a PRODUCT RED in the PRO Models I would definitely get that instead. but still, I am happy with my iPhone 11 Product Red!!

  20. killdemraas says:

    This is the review I want to see. Thank u so much

  21. holden killa says:

    What game is she playing?

  22. Mario 4.6 says:

    I wanted the red soooo bad! But my t mobile only had black 💔

  23. iPhone 11 has huge heating issue but why no one mention it?? Only regular user complain it….

  24. WaferMagnet says:

    Incorrect to say "just like the pro models" when referring to the 4G LTE. The 11 has 2×2 where the pro has 4×4 mimo. This can make a significant difference in speeds as so many carriers have built out their 4×4 network implementation now.

  25. Clous von says:

    Just save money and buy a better phone like the 7T

  26. Sweet video! Thanks. iPhones are really great. 😀

  27. ROTTER says:

    Best review! Subbed

  28. HAL 9000 says:

    ,45 percent of the worlds population don’t live in the city but rural location with poorer reception quality, many that do live in cities live in concrete or glass buildings with poor reception, many people live in valleys or behind obstructions with poor reception, but no one ever reviews reception or antenna quality for phone calls, why not? It’s a Brett’s big deal and you would increase your views by a hell of a lot.

  29. hey siri. " I see a little silhouette of a man"

  30. athena baiey says:

    #mobilETECHREVIEW iPhone 11 crazy yes with the #LUMIY LIGHTBLADE LAMP

  31. Anyone remember when the iPhone was actually fully speced out at 600-700 dollars the good old iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 days the iPhone 11 represents a 100 Android phone while the OnePlus 7T for example would actually have better specs for a lower price

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