iPhone 11 Pro – THIS IS IT!

December 2, 2019 by 32 Comments

Apple iPhone XI, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11R Official Leaks & Rumors covering the design, cameras, release date, A13 performance, battery and price.
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32 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro – THIS IS IT!”

  1. 2013:iPhone 4
    2014:iPhone 5s
    2015:iPhone 6splus
    2016:iphone 7 plus
    2017:iphone x
    2018:iphone xs max
    2019:iPhone 11 pro max
    2020:iPhone 12 pro max ultra edition extra super crazy power

  2. I still love the phone it looks so good

  3. IPhones are expensive and crap -.- try Samsung for games and handling and Huawei for photos

  4. Lamya Nusair says:

    They new iphone will be full of cameras from the backk
    RIP steve jobs 🍎🍏

  5. Mag telefons vin daiwers. ;D

  6. Be honest we're still gonna buy it

  7. Geo A.M says:

    Great vid as always, hey even I made a video/parody on the new iPhone 11 it would be great if anybody could check my channel out

  8. Everyone's mad because it's ugly
    Wtf is wrong with people

  9. iphone 11…….i think galaxy s10 n note 10 are far much better
    though some Samsung fans hate the new note 10

  10. No apple pencil new iPhone 11 pro or pro max

  11. pat t says:

    Great phone…. keep up the good work Apple! Thanks for not jacking price up even more.

  12. Greg Pek says:

    waiting for the camera to compare with the note 10

  13. Woah…there is the bull shit

  14. Want camera and battery drain test

  15. They renamed things and said they were innovation … What a shame they just crawl after samsug and huawei but …. Slowly after Xiaomi …. The innovations introduced by Huawei and samsung are already being used … Lord God …

  16. What would Steve Jobs say in the face of today's iPhones, where he sank … O my God …

  17. Mar Jon says:

    Ultimately boring and ugly phone.

  18. Jade_ Wolf says:

    I hate the new iPhone 11

  19. P4870 H says:

    innovation. This is the best Joke. Jajajaja

  20. Natty says:

    That looks ugly with the huge notch & camera block. No doubt it'll cost £1k for an overrated phone.

  21. Ramya says:

    The iPhone 11 is better. At least it has two cameras, comes in purple and is prettier than then pro. The midnight green color bomb tho

  22. TheEtbetween says:

    Don’t support Pen, Wrong

  23. TheEtbetween says:

    NO Reverse Charging, Wrong

  24. fgj ewr says:

    When we'll you do a review on tabs6

  25. Supersaf real talk. The only iPhone to buy if have a iphone 7 is the iphone 11. That keynote is so disappointing. I camera update? Really apple no new innovation? I guess I will be purchasing note 10 plus or Google pixel.

  26. PTRK says:

    So yeah a new iphone with android specs lmfao

  27. shivam singh says:

    Every year in September
    Apple : – The most Radical Design
    – Most Advance Screen
    – Most powerul processor
    – Most powerful GPU
    – Most advance Camera
    – Most advance OS

    Apple fans 😱 😍

    And apple giving same shit recycled designed from last 6 years.

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