iPhone 11 Pro Review

November 8, 2019 by 27 Comments

The iPhone 11 Pro might sport a three-year-old design but a new ultrawide camera, 1,200-nit Super Retina XDR display and even longer battery life makes this smartphone feel new on the inside.

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27 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Review”

  1. Great review. iPhones are the best

  2. besighyawn says:

    huh, what's the hate on them reviewing an iphone. They review tech all the time and smartphones are essential to many people, especially gamers

  3. Darko says:

    I'm broke anyone giving free iPhone 11 I'm still on iPhone 7 my birthday is at Oct 17

  4. Jon Huestis says:

    I thought IGN was a gaming channel..? What’s next, GameStop selling iPhones?

  5. I cant afford it so ima hate on the iphone since I'm broke and lame I just gonna hate on it and claim that the android is better 😣

  6. MAD 1952 says:

    To be honest buying a iPhone for calling is now the least reason to buy one

  7. Nathan Rorke says:

    Could’ve at least mentioned for a second how durable it is. That’s a big part of its price

  8. DNX 95 says:

    “Switching between apps is instantaneous” until the next iphone drops and updates start to F up the phone and slow it down purposely

  9. MehdiBarka says:

    What was that Zelda look alike game he was playing?

  10. Kenneth Lund says:

    Please help. What the name of the game thats playing? Looks like an Adventure open World game.

  11. Antony Tezio says:

    Not sure why everyone hating…. they’re reviewing mobile phones which play games. What’s wrong with that?

  12. Gokoye says:

    Stay in your lane ign. Don't attempt

  13. All these features have been on Android for years now. Get off iPhones nuts.

  14. Hahaha who else saw this and came straight for the comments?

  15. Perry Guy says:

    Apple Pencil Support on iPhone might justify the 9.5 score

  16. What's that game at 2:37 ?
    By the way you should be ashamed of positively reviewing an iphone instead of directing users towards better and more affordable phones, I'm not gonna get into which phone is better than the other between all the other brands, but that someone would ever consider Iphone is a testament to misinformation in consumers and promoting it is beyond unethical, some kids and people are actually believing you and spending money on this, I know it's mostly their fault but making it worse doesn't make you any better than apple

  17. Trollstin says:

    It's trash. The Samsung s10 is way better

  18. ianti 1491 says:

    The worse review of smartphones in 2019 thanks to ign

  19. Dr. Halayqeh says:

    Note 10 beaten i11 drop test, speed and battery life. So note 10 is 10.5/10

  20. Esskeetit says:

    2:35 the moment u knew u were abt to watch TLOU 2 and there goes nothing..😂😂😂

  21. Just here to read the comments

  22. Gfam Vlogs says:

    The iPhone 11 has 4gb of ram the 11 pro and pro max have 6gb of ram

  23. I'd give 7.

    Only 4GB RAM even on premium models (iPhone 7 Plus got 3GB, some iPad Pros already had 6GB last year)

    A13 is a bit slower than expectation. Only 30% faster than 2 year old iPhone 8.

    No 5G

    They should have kept lightening port for 11, but not 11 Pro.

    Notch is getting outdated.

    Storage should start from 128GB on Pro.

    No reverse charging for Apple Watch.

  24. 😂😂 what is this?? Are you guys even authorized to rate company’s products??

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