iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 10+ Battery Test

January 15, 2020 by 42 Comments

Battery test between the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to see which phone lasts longer.

CONTEST OVER: Congrats to @tsaunders for winning!
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iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Note 10+ Battery Test


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42 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 10+ Battery Test”

  1. andy Wang says:

    5:34 iPhone:I’m going to end this phone s career

    Samsung :nooooooooooooo

  2. Minty says:

    Can you compare the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the Galaxy fold or M30s in battery test?

  3. PhantomX 11 says:

    So 11 versus 10 it’s not fair

  4. Brian David says:

    As a samsung die hard user,I must congratulate iPhone this time.am thinking of switching from my note 9 to iphone 11 pro max.battery on iPhone 11 pro max is insane.

  5. I must say, I am a very big samsung fan but the iphone is fucking crazy with its battery. The only thing however is that the note 10+ has a bigger screen and a higher resolution… maybe that's why it drained faster, but still I really have to give credit to apple with their phone.

  6. wiezewee says:

    Very impressive Apple 👏🏾

    -Galaxy S9+ Owner

  7. David Stein says:

    I think we have a clear winner

    The samsung

  8. Yukee PW says:

    Was a samsung user for almost 15 years, and here i am switching my s10+ to an iphone 11 pro max 😂 i hope i wont regret it. I can still sell the future iphone with higher cost though compared to a samsung device. Samsung phone's prices degrade so fast here. Iphone is still expensive even though it's 3-5 years old.

  9. Wee Nex says:

    I just changed to iPhone, I want to go back

  10. This man prob rigged it so iPhone win with different timelapse

  11. GamerX37 says:

    6:10 Anybody notices mr scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 on the iPhone??

  12. Here in 2020. Love my note 10, but I'm charging it twice a day now 😒

  13. dannyboio37 says:

    I mean try the test with something of the same size,
    Everyone knows the bigger screen will lose………duh

  14. 11 Pro Max: 11h
    Note 10+: 9h

    My iPhone 7: 2h


  15. Katy C says:

    I’ll take the iPhone 11 pro max 😍😍

  16. PlutoRoses says:

    best battery: iPhone
    best drop: Samsung
    best looks: Samsung
    most popular: iPhone

    this is in my opinion, after the battery and drop. 🙂

  17. Marcos Sanz says:

    Iphone 11 Pro VS Rog Phone 2

  18. Обои надо одинаковые ставить… Тёмные

  19. Все равно снеп лучше. Хотя бы не такой дорогой

  20. Don Pablo says:

    Very impressive on the iPhone

  21. Red Hood says:

    That’s why optimization matters. 4000mah is nothing if you have android optimization.

  22. Gino Mendez says:

    As an apple 'sheep' I must say u should've used a dark background for the iPhone

  23. Ali says:

    Yet … i would still buy the note over the iphone any day …

  24. A D says:

    getting the Note 10 plus… really excited

  25. Sallemi Ali says:

    6.8 vs 6.5 jeep that in mind

  26. Tenshi Shuvi says:

    3:23 : iphone darkbackground , samsung lightblue background

  27. Amazing says:

    I hate how when Apple finally becomes better than Samsung, with better battery, display, speakers, processor and good camera, Samsung fanboys can’t accept it. They also say ’Well, it charges slow’ not anymore, as it includes an 18W Power Adapter which may seem slow, but trust me it isn’t. Then they use excuses saying that the iPhone XS lost, well obviously as that’s 1 year older. Also, the software is way smoother now and more usable unlike old software

  28. Ээээ…. каким фигом айфон победил?!?!?

  29. Ahmed Medhat says:

    Me just wait until the samsung galaxy note 11+

  30. RedX says:

    Iphone 11 pro: drops a little while watching 1h of Youtube
    My iPhone 6s: drops 15% only on this video 🙁

  31. DiscooMarcoo says:

    People are forgetting that you can optimize your android to run less ‘gimmicky’ apps and features, and you can actually change the screen resolution on android, so imagine doing this test again but with the android optimized how an average android user would have the phone 🙂 so to me, the galaxy wins

  32. Atm using the 11pro max lol, this could last for over almost 2 days without charge since I'm not a heavy user lol

  33. Tizzy Tox says:

    Not to mention iPhone apps are well optimized

  34. Darkwear GT says:

    Iphone get better newer chip

  35. Mcpe McpeDl says:

    Galaxy note 10:Alto
    Iphone 11 pro max:Adventure

  36. Samsung clearly doesn't like this as the S20 will come with 4500 MAH

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