iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case Review!

December 4, 2019 by 29 Comments

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case gives you 50% more battery, but it also has one more trick up its sleeve.

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29 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case Review!”

  1. What is that wireless charger in minute 3:213:25?

  2. Can you put a Popsocket on the back? Like will it stay on? Or will it just pop off (no pun intended)? I tried putting one straight on the back of my 11 Pro Max and it didn't even last 2 hours. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I didn't expect that to happen. I've had a silicone Apple Case like this for my X and it stayed on. So a popsocket should stick and stay on this too, right? Thanks

  3. michael p says:

    I've been playing with mine for a couple days (heavy newbie usage including photography and video of kids) and can barely get the battery down enough to start into the iPhone. Gotta say that although it is huge I enjoy holding the phone more with this case on. I may not use it for day to day at work, so the iPhone will actually fit in my pocket, but on off days when I want to take a lot of photos are just set it down anywhere as I run around town.

    Only complaint is that I can't control the shutter. I end up with a lot of video and I am 90% photo and 10% video. Would prefer the shutter was just a single function and let me choose photo or video (or slow mo etc) from menu.

  4. Love the case. Was wondering if it’s safe to use it as a “daily” case.

  5. Bumin Khan says:

    Dude i used to watch your video everytime i randomly watched Marques Brownlee
    's one his old video and he mentioned youre name i was like wait a minute i remember that name and searched you up and here i am lol man time flies its crazy subbed btw

  6. Tommy D says:

    Can Xs max smart battery case fit the 11 pro max?????

  7. You can already use the volume button to take a picture tho so… I like the button where it is

  8. Julio says:

    How well does this case protect your phone?

  9. Shadow Drone says:

    Amazing case, may get in white.

  10. 苏晓飞 says:

    this smart case definitely designed not for everyone, but someone who really need long time of battery life, anyway good video, good product.

  11. Adam Macias says:

    I see what you mean by the camera button on the side, a small part might be Apple trying to influence us to take better photos because it's a Pro model. Other than that love how I don't get stress watching your videos. Very to what matters in a review.

  12. Red Hood says:

    I got one last Monday and I love it! I like the extra grip and battery indicator on the home widget.

  13. nazhif1 says:

    Will it fit the XR / XS ? If so, does the camera button work?

  14. For still images, portrait mode can be acceptable, but for video, it’s unwatchable and bush league.

  15. Kevin Rubio says:

    Side way pictures are way better then the other way you get the whole view duh lol

  16. I’m the 222th liker yeah

  17. plorwax says:

    I get 9 plus hours of screen time on my pro max and my average use per day is 6 so no I definitely don’t need this.

  18. Yeah, battery life is crazy without any charging case. I’m at 80% battery with 6 and a half hours off the charger. I haven’t been using it like CRAZY, but I’ve been using it like I would normally.

  19. T.E.D. tech says:

    My iPhone 11 Pro Max last for 2 days already

  20. HEROYWE says:

    Does the apple pay works with the battery case ?

  21. marcandsebe says:

    I had an Apple battery case for my iPhone 7 and left it connected permanently. It ruined my battery on the iPhone in the end and was a 70% within 2 years. That's because it's charging all the time.

  22. I have a third party case for my 6s

  23. Diana45251 says:

    Early 5 comments And Happy Thanksgiving

  24. Mark Coleman says:

    That’s definitely true. You don’t need to buy it if you have the iPhone 11 Pro Max this battery is crazy amazing. But I definitely agree with the travel part. Great video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Campwise05 says:

    Great video SKB, that case looks like a good option for those who need more battery life and the addition of that camera button is nice!

  26. Atif Ghafoor says:

    Does this case give you a full charge?

  27. SKB: “Back in my day we used to say Junk in the Trunk, not Thicc.”

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