iPhone 11 Pro: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?

January 16, 2020 by 49 Comments

Should you get an Apple iPhone 11 Pro in Silver, Midnight Green, Space Gray, or Gold? We go in-depth on all the iPhone 11 Pro colors and show you how they look in different lighting conditions! This is an iPhone 11 Pro all colors comparison of the Midnight Green vs Silver vs Space Gray vs Gold! Comment what iPhone 11 Pro Color you like the best!

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49 Replies to “iPhone 11 Pro: All Colors In-Depth Comparison! Which is Best?”

  1. Hannah says:

    Idk which Colour i should buy

    black or white?

  2. K Zotto · says:

    Silver is big slept on best color in my opinion

  3. I have the silver yeah and it prone to scratches

  4. ShadowX011 says:

    I will be upgrading my dinosaur Iphone 5 in one Month to the Iphone 11 Pro Max 256gb! 🙂 I have always liked white the best but now I am torn up about whether to get the Space grey or the Silver?
    I want this Iphone to look really fresh. 🙂
    …please help me choose I have OCD and I am going to want this Iphone to look the best!!
    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  5. Tiffany Love says:

    He got this all twisted the silver one is nice af

  6. ThePSNBiker says:

    I’m getting mine at the end of the month but I don’t know if to have the space grey or the midnight green

  7. Carms Dy says:

    Just got my pro max silver last Wednesday. It’s so beautiful.

  8. I was undecided between midnight green or space grey so I bought both. Now i have two iphone max 512 gb phones

  9. Ksero Fob says:

    He don’t even know that back is made of glass that almost never gets scratched xddd

  10. G Money716 says:

    I have the midnight green and I like it but I think I’d rather have the space grey I like the dark look of the space grey a lot, also I’ve dropped my phone like three times and in some bad spots like the basement floor and the phone held up great but as far as the face it scratches easy don’t put it in the same pocket as your car keys I don’t use cases because I like to actually see and feel my phone and I don’t like the feel of cases so I’m taking chances everyday lol

  11. anne M says:

    Complains that the silver phone is silver and not white

  12. BikangArts says:

    that's why it's silver, not white

  13. Good original review! Hardly anyone does a review on the colours?!? It’s nice to have your reviews!

  14. ali says:

    should i get the gold or the space grey someone help me

  15. Tornado ML says:

    Can u guys help me?

    Like for silver
    Comment for space grey

  16. ali zarei says:

    I have the gold but doesn't matter when you put a case on your iPhone

  17. LIES says:

    -get gold or silver if you want your phone to be visible
    -get space grey or midnight green if you want your phone to be less visible and if you feel uncomfortable with the camera

  18. Klara Larsen says:

    Should i choose white or space grey!!

  19. Lawi Vlog says:

    Hope to get one I really like iPhone 2019 hope you giveaway this one cool iPhone pro max

  20. prapad kum says:

    Hello! Mr. Daniel Romero, I’m really want an iPhone 11 Pro, could you give me one? I wish you will fulfill my dream.

  21. Silver, gold and space grey my favorite
    Using my iPhone xs max in gold without a case it's pretty secure!

  22. George David says:

    Wish I saw this video sooner !! Hey guys, don’t know if this will help, but I came from a white iPhone 6S, first purchased the midnight green 11 pro… was on the fence about it. Being that I had white before, I thought hmm.. the silver looks white in the pictures on the Apple website, So I returned it and got the Silver… don’t let the pictures fool you. Of course, the silver iphone IS silver, it’s like the back of a white iPhone 6S but SLIGHTLY more of a pearl color, and the Apple logo is blended in and doesn’t show as much. That’s best I could describe it. As he says in the video, it is disappointing and will probably go back to the midnight green. Hope that helps if you’re on the fence about the silver thinking it is gonna be white!

  23. Can u give me an iphone !

  24. i wish the gold was like the iphone 8 i don’t ike how the gold looks brown or tan when in dark condition

  25. xotwod says:

    I got the Space Grey 11 Pro Max

  26. Vasco says:

    Are maxes bigger than pluses??? If they are, are the normal the same as plus?

  27. peachy jimin says:

    Got the max pro in silver today 🥰🥰 28.12.19

  28. Erin Buck says:

    I have the 11 Pro silver 256 GB and I’m loving it

  29. Chopstix YT says:

    He said ppl don’t like silver. It’s the best looking

  30. saidy s. says:

    def gonna get space gray.

  31. tifking73 says:

    Love, love, love silver, but I’ll probably go with midnight green for a change.

  32. JSanTs- says:

    Can’t decide if I should take my space grey back and swap it for a midnight green! Help meee

  33. peachy jimin says:


  34. I cant choose between space grey and gold

  35. ///AMG says:

    Space grey in person seem to be the most premium looking model the matte glass make the gold and silver in person look less premium

  36. Mid night green😍😮😮

  37. RY says:

    Watching on iphone 11 pro max gold 😎

  38. rihanna fan says:

    I got the Gold. Usually I get the Space Grey but thought I’d switch it up

  39. “SPACE GREY” is best colour in all years

  40. I’m picking between midnight green or silver 😭

  41. enigma says:

    I got the Pro Max in green, but I WISH it had a glass back for the reason you said. I owned an 8 Plus prior and the back never got a single scratch and I had it without a case for the best part of 4 years. Also I much prefer the feel of the glass in my hand, not only does it feel stronger but also much more grippier. In my opinion glass is more premium aswell, especially tempered glass.

  42. i'm going for the gold. i have a gold iPhone 7 plus and want to get a new one and i'm going for the gold iPhone 11 pro

  43. 362chop says:

    All honesty, apple could of done much better with the color palette, guessing they were consumed with the price gouging.

  44. Zeyad Tamimi says:

    The back scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 – Jerry

  45. Iv always liked how in darker environment the silver looks cloudy, I’m missing my x now 😭

  46. I got the midnight green iPhone 11 Pro Max but I hate it. so I exchanged for gold iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’m loving my gold phone

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