How To Reset AirPods – Fix ANY and ALL Problems!!

January 15, 2020 by 32 Comments

[If That Doesn’t Work] AirPods Charging Issues FIXED!!

In this video you’ll learn once and for all how to fix any and all problems you may have with your AirPods: charging, syncing, connecting, pairing issues and more. Let me know in the comment box bellow if this helped you or not.

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32 Replies to “How To Reset AirPods – Fix ANY and ALL Problems!!”

  1. [If That Doesn’t Work] AirPods Charging Issues FIXED!!

  2. Hanna Rizvic says:

    I cant find the menu of my Airpods like where I can name them,I reseted my phone and Airpods and nothing.

  3. Omg it worked all u have to do is go to settings after pressing the bottom and go to Bluetooth and then it’s going to say AirPods 😱!!

  4. Joe Mama says:

    What if it says connection failed I keep trying it doesn’t work

  5. Wolf Wolf says:

    Getting stuck while walking help me pls my phone is s8 i11 5.0

  6. Mr Wood says:

    Thanq. My left ear pod had stoped working out of the blue in less then a month of me having them and I was ready to throw them to my dogs for “safe keeping”

  7. My AirPods do not have a back button

  8. Does this work with hen 2

  9. My AirPods pro case led green light stopped turning on after I open the lid. Is it normal

  10. Dubsmash says:

    Ok.. I bought airpods a week ago for new year 2020 Since the day one I'm facing issues with my airpods Charging Case coz when ever I'm opening lid to take out the pods it's just showing Rondom battery & it was losing charging about 20 to 25% overnight while it's inactive, I tried reset and not works. I bought it online see there any chance I can go apple and return them with new one.?

  11. Ty Uzumaki says:

    I been trying to connect my AirPods for an hour nothing worked watched this video and didn’t even try to connect it and all of a sudden they worked wth😭😭

  12. My problem is that my AirPods only last an hour idk I had it since 4 years ago but I slowly noticed that my AirPods kept dying 3 hours then 2 hours and now it’s just 1 hour sometimes even 30 minutes

  13. vespidae _ says:

    So my airpods are pretty new, I don't use them all the time. I was using them yesterday to listen to music and I didn't charge them for a while since as I said I don't use them often. So I put them on charge over night and when I took them off charge the next morning no lights are on? I reset it with the button at the back (it flashes the white light) and it only shows the orange light when I put it back on the charge. I tested to see if they still work and they do! but I'm not sure why the lights don't turn on? could anyone help me? ^^

  14. My earpod is not charging

  15. Daniel thank u so much through this video I found the issue of my very low sound on Airpods on huawei device now I reset it and the volume came to normal I am so happy 😀😀

  16. Jakob Hertz says:

    Thx man this has helped so much

  17. Allie West says:

    I’ve watched 12 videos and I’m fixing to throw the dang AirPods across the room

  18. It says that my connection fails to pair with the airpods

  19. Its Brenda says:

    Thank uuu it worked Thxs sooo much

  20. Md Hsazzad says:

    Thanks man
    Allah bless YOU&family

  21. i can’t change the name of my airpods

  22. Ruchi.B says:

    Thank you !! At first my right AirPod wasn’t working and I couldn’t hear out of it but after this I can ☺️☺️

  23. Mac MacPh says:

    My AirPods is not changing to orange

  24. Idk what to do my airpods case isn't closing it just pops open again I need help 😟

  25. hyreinix says:

    when i try to connect it it just says connection failed

  26. Kaden Zdroik says:

    Amber light won’t go away, should I just return them???

  27. F4TaL Imp4kt says:

    when i hold the button on the back after the white flashing light the light just goes away and they won’t reset

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