How to Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone

November 2, 2019 by 45 Comments

The Apple Watch doesn’t work alone. You’ll need an iPhone. Here’s how to pair a brand-new Apple Watch with an iPhone and do the initial setup.

Watch more helpful tips about the Apple Watch here!

Our very own Editor-In-Chief, Dan Costa gets up close and personal with the Apple Watch!

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45 Replies to “How to Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone”

  1. I’ve tried to sync them but when it’s close to being finished it says I have to restart

  2. I have an Apple Watch series 5. And my 6plus phone won’t let me pair it WHY

  3. Can you use it when phone is connected to mobile data instead of WiFi? And is watch connected to your iPhone and WiFi both or only WiFi when completely setup?
    Can you use Apple watch without iPhone?

  4. I enjoyed watching it. I really enjoy the iPhone. 🙂

  5. Fallon Janis says:

    Thank you!! It worked!

  6. Rip to all of u guys with no Apple Watch ⌚️ 😭😭😭😭

  7. AppleTricks says:

    Great video! Got inspired to make a new one. Thank you.

  8. We will not connect to android

  9. "You need to update your iphone to pair your apple watch"

    But apple, i already have the latest lol

  10. How do u get to the blue globe

  11. Is this a gps or gps cellular watch ?

  12. I had reset my Apple Watch which allowed me to pair my Apple Watch again. When resetting on Apple Watch it’ll delete everything.

  13. I just found affordable hacker on instagram hackerben123 he help me to unlock my iWatch without stress.he is 💯 legit

  14. So can we get the watch without the cellular and still be able to receive and make calls?

  15. Very helpful. Thank you. My iPhone watch is about ready to use. It’s is syncing. Thanks again.

  16. Thank you, PC Mag Guy, for letting me know very useful info for the future!

  17. Subrata Pal says:

    What is name of this app

  18. Allen Peer says:

    How did you get ur watch to start pairing? Was it automatic? Also what if it’s not a new watch set up?

  19. AYX AYo says:

    Can you help I want to pair it with my iPad

  20. Askejm says:

    Can anyone tell me how many times he said Apple Wach

  21. Kevin Chavez says:

    If you reset your apple watch (erase everything) and you pair it in another phone do you need your old apple id to pair it?

  22. Hey I can’t pair my watch series 3 with iPhone 5s please please help me

  23. Jejej Jdjdjs says:

    He’s saying apple wacks

  24. SkyMine says:

    Do i need to put iCloud?

  25. Dani Gujjar says:

    Witch mathord to apply watch new mobile already sell seal my mobile .

  26. Faraz Syed says:

    It says my iPhone 5 isn't updated to the latest version. But when I go to settings it says 10.3.3 latest version installed
    Please help

  27. Tqstin says:


  28. georgina a says:


  29. Cool Gamer says:

    He says Apple Watch to much.

  30. D Lord says:

    the only problem im having is getting pass the activation lock part i tryed my apple id and pass but it tells me its wrong can anyone help me out

  31. why my apple watch stop to download what will i do .

  32. Vishal Singh says:

    Without iPhone I cannot use this watch

  33. Farhadx7 says:

    SOMONE please help it says update Apple Watch so I press ok then it says it's up to date and nothing happens

  34. lo l says:

    In the arms of a stranger

  35. lo l says:

    In the arms of a stranger

  36. Jona Jona says:

    great camera and good video

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