How to Connect to WiFi on Apple Watch Without iPhone 2017

November 14, 2019 by 27 Comments

Here’s how you can connect to a WiFi network on your Apple Watch without the need of an iPhone. This will only work with Watch OS 4 on your Apple Watch which requires iOS 11 running on your iPhone

What’s new on Watch OS 4:

More on iOS 11:

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27 Replies to “How to Connect to WiFi on Apple Watch Without iPhone 2017”

  1. But how do you connect to the internet?????

  2. Rename the video. This is… how to already be on wifi not how to connect

  3. A Trimble says:

    But how do you connect to WiFi? Start from the beginning!

  4. Ava J says:

    Question can hotspots count because I can keep mine on while in school and connect it

  5. worst video tutorial with that TiTLE..

    you did use your iPhone to get your Apple Watch connected to wifi. Totally useless !!!

  6. Everything doesn’t work though. I tried this and I can’t call or listen to Pandora.

  7. Totally misleading title. If you really want to how how to connect without your iPhone, then show us. Leave your iPhone at home and go to Starbucks. This didn't help at all.

  8. Sammy says:

    Some of us didn't have a clue what you mumbling on about dude ?
    Yap yap yap yap non stop like you in the world of your own in public speaking lol !
    Even Porky Pig speak clearer than you, IP PA DIP PA DEE THAT IS ALL FOLKS.

  9. butopiatoo says:

    click bait. doesn't show how to connect watch to wifi alone

  10. Seems hard to believe at the beginning, but It really works on my Apple Watch series 3 GPS ONLY running on watchOS 4.3. All you need is try and make sure your iPhone has already connected with wi-fi so anything that may sync with your Apple Watch probably won’t work as fast as it is expected, turn off your bluetooth for couple times may help, and you will see only red-crossed iPhone logo, but after it works, you will see blue wifi logo on the upper left corner in control center on your Apple Watch. And now I can connect my Apple Watch with any wifi anywhere where I’ve connected before on my iPhone and do stuff without my phone with me. But unfortunately, activity records won’t sync without bluetooth but never mind i guess it works after i connect my bluetooth back on. Anyway thanks for the tutorial.

  11. lazuardi says:

    Anyone can help me. I already try about a hundred but that is not working… still cant conect with wifi

  12. What he's failed to say is that you need to connect your iPhone to the wifi source first, the settings are then transferred to the watch. The iPhone can then be turned off/disconnected and the watch will happily connect to the wifi source

  13. KRS 0ne says:

    Without iPhone? Second thing you need, your iPhone. Nice contradiction there.

  14. FluxxerHD says:

    within 10 seconds he says 'You're gonna need IOS 11 on your IPHONE'… What the fuck is this man. Its supposed to be WITHOUT your phone

  15. What a waste of over three minutes watching this video, how can you put a title on how to connect the Apple Watch without an iPhone if you're using the iPhone to connect the Apple Watch Duhhhh.

  16. J.Flare T.V* says:

    Does this work for series 1

  17. Rachel I says:

    Is this the series 3 (cellular and gps) or gps only model?

  18. You sound like Sid from ice age

  19. Luis Cosme says:

    You did it using iphone! The title says without iphone. You’re a phony.

  20. Could you shake the watch any more?

  21. nmout says:

    What about calling from apple watch with iPhone turned off, or in airplane mode?

  22. Hi is this the iwatcher series 3?? And its cellular version or regular gps version?

  23. Taylor says:

    Lol turn off your phone and then try it.. it doesn’t work.

  24. IZZO says:

    Can you make calls on the watch if you don’t have a SIM card on your phone

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