Good Reason Why Apple Remove 3D Touch In The iPhone XR?

December 4, 2019 by 3 Comments


Hello welcome back Today, September 15th. I post this video about “Good reason why Apple remove 3D Touch in the iPhone XR?” What is 3D Touch? We will show you what look like, (video) That video, That iPhone 6s is where Apple create those new screen that new technology that give you easier. When you push on that apps it will pop-up, That is 3D Touch. It was easy to step. Live Photo, where video in the picture (image) that when you shot that nothing video, but use your finger push on photo it will video. That called Live Photo. Live wallpaper, it available on settings then wallpaper then new wallpaper then live wallpaper that when you see lock screen when You push use finger on lockscreeen will be live! That cool! Some reason people love 3D Touch, Apple tried cheer them to interested in 3D Touch. iPhone 6s was launched on September 25th, 2015. Past is iPhone 6 launched on September 19th, 2014. Past is iPhone 5s launched in sept 20th 2013 and next of iPhone 6s is called iPhone SE, iPhone SE launched in march 31, 2016. iPhone SE does not have 3D Touch that seem Apple removed 3D Touch. iPhone 6s is expensive while launched so that iPhone SE which basally to iPhone 6s hardware. Why did Apple removed that 3D Touch on iPhone SE Like iPhone XR. There good reason tell you. iPhone 6s is expensive and iPhone SE is cheap bc no 3D Touch. iPhone SE had Live Photo and 4K video and it same to iPhone 6s hardware, but have Apple Pay but iPhone 5s does not. That why apple cheer to use cheap than expensive. So Apple did remove iPhone SE and 6S and X after iPhone Xs been on apple store. But any store which non-apple store like Verizon or ATT still continues iPhone SE and 6S and X but apple store can’t. So why did apple remove 3D Touch in iPhone XR? Remember what I told you. Which people can’t afford expensive on the iPhone XS or XS max. That iPhone XR give you cheap bc 3D Touch removed so it won’t give you expensive piece so it cheap. That why I tell you about that. That last night pre-ordered iPhone XS and XS max been available at midnight. I hope you enjoyed ordered iPhone XS and XS max. The Apple Watch series 4 been sold now wait unit October will be available. WOW that noticed too many people been bought those Apple Watch been sold! I will get iPhone XS and XS max and XR that for YouTube reviewed “iPhone X vs iPhone XS,XS max, XR” I will see you next video.

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3 Replies to “Good Reason Why Apple Remove 3D Touch In The iPhone XR?”

  1. I didnt even understand a thing its not mentioned in the title that this video is only for people who cant speak.. A waste of time for a people like me..sorry but true

  2. Vincenzo 29 says:

    Sorry im italian
    Esiste un metodo come avere il 3D touch su iPhone XR ?

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