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Hello Everyone!! Today I wanted to share my new Apple Watch Band that I brought from my local Target. Its by a new brand called HeyDay I really love my new band so I hope you enjoy until next upload.. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT AND GIVE THIS VIDEO A BIG THUMBS UP👍🏽




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3d Eye Beige Leather Compatible With Apple Watch 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm Band Strap For Iwatch Series 4 3 2 1

21 Replies to “BEST APPLE WATCH BAND~ from Target🎯”

  1. Laura Ray says:

    What is this color called??

  2. The heyday band is gorgeous ! I can’t find it anywhere in Canada unfortunately 😩 I have the 38 mm series 3 . If anybody spots it can y’all shout me out and let me know thanks 💕

  3. I have the same band and I love it

  4. I got the same watch band I got from target plus I got more bands from target

  5. Hey sweetheart I have a Series 4 – 44 mm Apple Watch. I have insurance on it with my carrier but I tried a 38 mm band on my watch and it fits 👀 I actually found the same one you are wearing at Walmart for under $20. I decided to just stick with the 44 mm bands instead. Try Amazon,Ebay ,Ali Express or Etsy . There are so many cute bands out there to fit your watch. Also contact Apple to see if you can add Apple care in case you break it or it’s stolen. Best wishes 😘

  6. Nope. Nope. Nope. I just bought an Apple Watch 4 and used this band and it failed while I was putting in makeup and crashed and hit the floor and broke 🙁

    It has failed multiple times since while I am working out, or doing anything that puts pressure on my wrist.

  7. Quit3Cut3 says:

    I have that band, mines from eBay lol. Most of my bands are from eBay and Amazon, luckily none of mine have broken.

  8. Did you feel like the part that you move to adjust the watch was hard to open?

  9. Jus Jami says:

    I got the same band for my Apple Watch ⌚️😍😍

  10. can you do a video about which apps you enjoy on your apple watch~

  11. This my first time buying the heyday brand wristband

  12. I have than band too!!! It's so pretty!

  13. juju zeeD says:

    I noticed the band in one of your other videos and liked it immediately. The color is unique and pretty, especially for the summer. Enjoy using it.

  14. Iridescent hardware is LIFE!!! 😍💕😍

  15. S LEW says:

    That’s so pretty. I have the 38 and need to go to Target to see if they have the size for my watch. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Island Girl says:

    You have a 42 band? Great! Me too! Thanks for sharing as I Need a new band. I buy new bands every November. Got my watch as a bday gift from my hubby in November 2017.

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