Apple Watch Series 1: Changing the look with straps, bracelets and covers!

December 2, 2019 by 17 Comments

Here are some strap and cover combos to completely change the look of the Apple Watch.

The Leather straps are Hadley Roma
The black link bracelet is Platinum brand
The silver link bracelet is an unknown brand
The silver/gold bracelet is Moko brand

Amazon links:

42mm aluminum gold case:
42mm silver case:
42mm gold case:
Moko silver/gold bracelet:
MroTech steel bracelet:
42mm silver aluminum case:
Vinkor steel band connector:

Louis Vuitton Style Classic Damier Leather Compatible With Apple Watch 38mm 40mm 42mm 44mm Band Strap For Iwatch Series 4 3 2 1

17 Replies to “Apple Watch Series 1: Changing the look with straps, bracelets and covers!”

  1. Derrick Boyd says:

    Where I buy this band from?!

  2. Anas Hamed says:

    Awesome man. Between stainless steel space black and silver, which one you will pick, specially with the link bracelet stainless steel? Advice please

  3. Susan Wright says:

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks

  4. Jae White says:

    The stainless steel silver/gold band is my favorite.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Amazing bands collection)))

  6. tha_realness says:

    Hi @darkchild57, great video!
    Where could I get the blue leather strap with white inseam that you showed in your video?

  7. AlBoKa says:

    4:30 it looks just perfect! i love this case, its very slim and looks awsome!

  8. Do the bezels scratch the housing?

  9. Snoopyntx says:

    Could you please post a link to all the amazon items, i.e. the spring links for replacement band watches and the covers, or any other items in the video that came from amazon. Great video by the way. I didn't know I could use my own bands.

  10. Thanks for posting this video. I just for an Apple Watch for X-mas. The silver like Stainless steel bracelet is the best ! The cases makes the be Watch look more professional and formal. I will probably use my Watch ⌚️ primarily for Fitness tracking, reminders and answering calls for iPhone . But it great to have different looks and options. Thanks.

  11. thanks for the video. love my apple watch looking to spice things up with bands

  12. HIGHTONE says:

    "Nice and quick"…. 18 min video

  13. Very nice and informative video. I have a question. Does the aluminum case scratch the apple watch? I'm asking because I had an aluminum case on my iPhone and made some scratches to it.

  14. Apollon_ R says:

    where did you get all this stuff?

  15. KDS1000 says:

    Very good video. Very informative.

  16. There's gotta be a lot of disappointed people that your newest vid isn't a knife vid lol. I like how easy it is to change out bands for that watch. The gold one was probably my least fav. one of the bunch. the black/red and metal bands were my fav ones.

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