Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6!

January 16, 2020 by 29 Comments

Clean Master:
iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6. Enjoy!
My iPhone 6s & Galaxy S6 comparison/review covering speed tests, camera quality, displays, gaming, build quality & more!

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29 Replies to “Apple iPhone 6s vs Samsung Galaxy S6!”

  1. Kaiser says:

    Well I have the s6 and it's an very good phone but the 6s it's more usable in the actuality. (Yeah I'm comment a video from 2015 because why not haha).

  2. well that wasn’t a fair comparison. It shouldve been a comparison of the S7 vs the 6s

  3. Why am I watching this in 2020 on a samsung galaxy s6 (the best phone ever)

  4. People still use 6s where is s6 now?
    And there is no comparison today

  5. “6S is the newest” Me: Watching on iPhone X.

  6. Emily Murphy says:

    I still have my galaxy s6 in 2020

  7. RealTGCHD says:

    2020 anyone? these were the best days of smartphones and tech youtube in my opinion

  8. Ahnaf Siyam says:

    This is a bit confusing but a cool video.I have a s6

  9. The iPhone 6s comes in 32 GB and 128GB no 16GB, that was on the iPhone 6

  10. Щяс надо вставить какой то комментарий ?

  11. iPhone 6s gang like if you are here.

  12. I have a galaxy S6 Edge+ and a galaxy watch active

  13. Shading Ppl says:

    Its like comparing a ….. with …..

  14. Watching this on an iPhone 11

  15. Ed 4da3 says:

    Iphone 6s after 6 months still smooth
    Samsung galaxy s6 after 6 months
    Zo Laggy

  16. 7_Khan says:

    This video got uploaded 2015 here I am at the end of 2019 (23rd December) watching it. 😭😂 I’m never on time for anythingggg!

  17. Allen says:

    iPhone 6s
    YouTube Caption: "African Success" 😂😂

  18. Alex_00 0 says:

    Funny thing is that internet companies can put there logos on some android phone but they can’t put it in iPhones 😂😂

  19. i have both phones but the iphone is better

  20. Admit The Fact that Fortnite Runs On Iphone 6s Efficiently…And Samsung’s Note 9 Crashes When The Game was Released For Androids…

  21. Why am I getting recommended this in December 2019

  22. Aman Seihra says:

    Watching this in 11pro max in 2019

  23. I've got iphone 3g ios 6 although I'm 11 years old I'm very grateful and happy I love spending time with my family

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