Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

January 16, 2020 by 47 Comments

Apple’s fresh batch of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, offer the latest and greatest features in a sleek and stylish design. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, in many ways, represents the cutting edge of smartphone technology — even if it’s not a massive upgrade over the previous-generation iPhone XS Max. But there are other high-tech phones out there too — like the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which is another large smartphone with a ton of awesome features. Which of the two devices is better? Is there even a clear winner? We put the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus head to head to find out.

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47 Replies to “Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus”

  1. OK Arts says:

    Stop talking about cameras like they’re the entire phone. ITS A SMARTPHONE NOT A CAMERA. YOU WANT PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PHOTOS? BUY A GODDAMN CAMERA

  2. OK Arts says:

    Honestly I like the iPhone bezel and notch

  3. LaVerite124 says:

    A lot of butt hurts in the comments 😂

  4. Galaxy Note 10 plus better than I phone 11

  5. Bill Moore says:

    At 6:45 you state that the iPhone 11 Pro takes better pics but from my perspective they are more muted in the iPhone pic but appear more vivid and detailed in Note pic. At the end of the day, it is all about what works for you and your personal preferences. Some people love Samsung (or more specifically Android) and some love Apple. As an IT professional I alternate between Android and iPhone (I personally use both a the Note 10 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro) so I am well versed in both platforms when I need to give support to my clients. Overall, both platforms have their pros and cons.

    I personally lean more toward the Note because of the integrated texting between my Note (this is true for any Android device) any any other device (Windows, Mac, iPad or any tablet) with a variety of apps like Microsoft's Your Phone, MightyText, Pulse, etc. You can only use iMessage with other Apple products (Mac or iPad). For years I have been asking along with a lot of other folks for Apple to open their iMessage platform to allow for non-Apple connectivity, specifically on a Windows computer. And in fairness let me state, I think iMessage is a fantastic tool that works very well…in the Apple universe.

    Without this open integration in a Windows business environment it leaves me as a support tech constantly reaching for the iPhone to answer texts and I get a lot of support requests throughout the day. Some studies show a 4 to 1 Windows to Mac ratio in the workplace so it is no surprise that I spend more than 75% of my day rendering support from a Windows PC. With my Note (again more specifically Android), I can instantly answer text messages without having to touch my Android phone. I can also copy and paste the details of a support request directly into a support ticket without having to manually type it like I do with a text received via the iPhone. This may sound like a small issue to some but when you are answering a ton of text support requests per day it is a major time saver to not have to constantly grab my iPhone to reply. Even non-tech people would find the ability to send and receive synced text messages from your Windows PC or other non-Apple device very beneficial and efficient.

    Lastly, the iPhone 11 Pro Max (just like all Max/Plus predecessors) screen resolution, even with the zoomed feature turned on and font size scaled, is still not as easy to view as it is in on the Note 10 Plus. I have decent vision but there are some apps that just simply do not scale correctly or large enough to avoid the pinch and zoom game on the iPhone. If you do a side by side comparison of the Note 10 Plus screen next to any of the iPhone Max series phones, the font is 9 times out of 10 smaller on the iPhone even with the zoomed settings. Some apps on the iPhone don't scale larger at all (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) which has me doing the phone up to my nose game whereas on the Note 10 Plus, it is the perfect size for normal viewing without the pinch and zoom game.

    Again, I overall like the iPhone but there are some draw backs that make the Note 10 Plus personally a better fit for me. When it is all said and done just choose what works best for you and be happy. Also be mindful of the fact that IT IS JUST A PHONE and simply because someone prefers one platform over the other isn't a license to bash, offend or be indignant to someone else because they don't share your same likes or preferences. Variety is the spice of life so enjoy the fact that we are all different, like different things, etc. and again…it's just a phone. 🙂

  6. sexy boy says:

    xakka. not googd review

  7. M C says:

    No question here.
    Samsung galaxy Note 10 any day.
    All you know to say is the same stupid claim about the iphone : " true to life"
    🤣what a sad joke.

  8. Saad Malik says:

    iPhone 11 pro max is the king
    Best battery
    4K 60 front camera
    Better camera
    Much faster
    I message don’t need to download app to message people

  9. Lol…. Let's not even mention the Note's many features…

  10. Goran L says:

    Note 10 is 10000000 times better than iShit in every aspect…

  11. K. Deese says:

    What’s funny is the stabilization on video. I’ve seen videos where this flip flops which makes no sense. That’s something that should be consistent

  12. This dude is delusional. Some people should stay off youtube.

  13. iPhone ALWAYS takes it!! Once you’re an iPhone user, you won’t go back! Go, Apple, go!!!

  14. Alexander A says:

    Biased review in favor of the iPhone. He mentioned the bigger benchmark numbers on the iPhone and ended it there. Then mentioned the Note's bigger battery, but explained that the iPhone has a longer battery life. How about you also mention that even with the iPhone's better benchmarks, the Note beats it in real life speed tests. He also omitted a lot of better features on the Note. This is not a good review.

  15. There is NO REAL LIFE COMPARISON here
    As a Note user I would NEVER switch to Iphone 11 Pro max
    Note series is all about productivity, MULTITASKING, many many features and options
    Iphone is all about simplicity ….
    They are so different products, created for so different clients …
    I admire what Apple did with 11 series ( except LCD display in 2019 ) especially witch camera and battery , but no real Note fan would switch to anything else, and the last thing would be any Iphone
    Maybe an S series user would change to Iphone ( although I doubt he would pay double for the same thing )

  16. Bruh. Note10+, sure it may it may not have the best camera but cameras aren't everything. The Note may have a battery that dies quicker but it doesn't change the fact that it charges so much faster and has wireless powershare. Note has way more advantages over the iPhone, that's just a fact

  17. Jose Javier says:

    There is no more feature in the note?, wireless power share, dex, diferents storage sixe for base model, c'man guy..

  18. n1pc says:

    Somebody is getting apple juice $$$. They get an even scire on screen, Really? Bigger, better resolution, no notch on the Note 10.

  19. Krum Shamim says:

    If the apple watch worked with the note I would've easily grab the note 10 over 11 pro

  20. Don C says:

    This “comparison” was brought to you by Apple, the maker of iPhone. Pathetic. I guess you gotta get that sponsor money.

  21. Game Center says:

    Life of phone în two years: iphone 90%
    Samsung 40% software are so lagging in time, but iOS it's so good after 2-3 years. And it's one more problem, the price of samsung it's no good in next 1 year, but iphone price it's good after 2 years!

  22. bull do do….. the Note 10 plus comes with default storage of 256 gigs!!! lol… the the iphone is waaay over priced and it has no spen!!! crappy review

  23. Bani Niba says:

    Pretty lame comparison. The Samsung has tons of features that Apple has no response to. Unsubscribing you twit.

  24. This guy all time iphone fan boy😂

  25. Tony says:

    I think its funny that 90 percent of everyone that claims to love "natural" color photos will be the ones on Instagram putting a filter over as soon as possible. Lol

  26. Maybe it´s my pc screen.But while he is rambling how the iPhone takes better pictures the telephoto lens picture from the iPhone looks washed out or looks like some bright sunlight is eating the details making the Note 10 look a bit better. Over all i think the iPhone do take good pictures, but they are still aimed to be edited after been taken where it seems that samsung is trying to hit a more finished/ready to share picture while this style of photography is not for everyone i think for a whole lot of the pictures it is a style choice and not a quality choice since both phones are pretty good cameras but the iPhone is not always better as this zombie suggest.

  27. David says:

    Apple paid him you can tell

  28. Earl Beville says:

    I'm sorry but I don't know what photos you are looking at but the Samsung blows the Iphone away. For the record I currently own the Iphone 10 xs Max.

  29. Y V says:

    Android fanboys are butthurted crying in the comments

  30. Real world results always show the Samsung has the better camera. Another iPhone fan boy review.
    If the Apple phone was better I would own one! The Note 10 Plus has 5G, Apple does not. There are so many more features and upgrades with Samsung. The only thing Apple HAS going for it is a fan base for iOS.
    I've used both platforms anyone who uses a phone for service work, dispatching and syncing calls knows Android is superior. I can interface with just about anything with a Galaxy Note.

  31. Idris Kazi says:

    The drop test also reveals that their claim of having the best frame on any smartphone is nothing but rubbish. Its not as strong as Samsung Note10plus

  32. Idris Kazi says:

    Samsung is a clear winner
    There is no comparison between the two.
    Infact the only phone iphone 11pro max is better than is iphone10s max that too the difference is marginal.

  33. Shivam Khera says:

    Who are irritated by snapchat ad before every video

  34. I am an iPhone user because I love iOS more than Android. But yeah I’m going to have to give your video a dislike here. Your opinions aren’t consistent throughout the video

  35. That camera review is the biggest joke i`ve ever seen.

  36. On your live focus selfie, you were supposed to turn off beautification and smoothing. But Note 10 even did your hair right, whereas it was badly edge-detected on the iPhone. Note 10 does shoot RAW too. No YouTuber I've seen yet will actually mention you can manually change Note 10+/android features out of the box since you paid 1100 for features and that means you paid to configure them too.

  37. I love your opinion. But you could've gone deeper this time.

  38. ATJ says:

    Great review! Straight forward and to the point!

  39. ATJ says:

    Y'all need to stop calling them "the biggest phones of the year" when the iPhone's gonna sell 7 to 10 times as much as the note 10+ and s10 series combined even after the 30-40% price drop that Samsung phones are plagued with just 3-4 months after release.

  40. Juks JLY says:

    I have a iphone, but note 10 destroying the apple product, picture quality? Note 10 by far

  41. Akin Arif says:

    I’m a Apple fan but is it me Samsung was better on every photo apart from the portrait photo

  42. Thanks dude. Been looking for a review like yours all other ones. Mimicked each other… GREAT video.

  43. Shobhit Pal says:

    Review from you is clearly indicating that you are a hardcore isheep 🐑 well even our eyes can see the difference

  44. Mark says:

    Samsung seems to have better photos than iPhone to me. Other review sites agree. I don't think this guy knows what he is doing. Better wait for DXOMARK result.

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