Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case Review – A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE case

December 5, 2019 by 37 Comments

Seriously Apple? This clear case is just so…bad. It’s been a week with this case and I’m SO GLAD to take it off my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Now I’ve seen a lot of cases over the years and when it comes to bad cases, the bar has been set pretty low. I think the worst cases in my my gigantic collection of cases are the ones from Olixar. They straight up bought cheap cases from AliBaba, and resold them as premium priced cases. The Apple Clear Case is a tiny notch above that.

Out of the 200 cases I’ve ranked for the iPhone’s, the Apple clear case sits around 190. If you want to know what I think are the Top 10 Cases are right now, check out:

Now I don’t mind the Apple Silicone cases as a thin case. It handles well and the colors generally go well with the color of your phone. Their smart battery case is pretty great as well because it just works.. The leather cases weren’t too bad either if you were willing to spend way too much money on them.

Apple’s newest clear case? Just so bad. BUT like any other review I do, here are the specifics of this product. I’ll give you a couple of alternatives at the the end of the video. If you want to know what I think are the current Top cases for the iPhone 11’s, check out the video in the cards.

When it comes to design, the Apple clear case is a solid piece of polycarbonate. So it’s incredibly smooth and clear. It’s one of the slimmer cases I’ve used over the last few months and the edge is thick enough to accommodate a glass screen protector.

The Apple clear case fits your iPhone quite tightly and only had a tiny spot for the case looked “wet”. This clear poly carbonate case slides around like nobody’s business on BOTH sides. And as you guessed, the handling of the case is incredibly slick. It feels like I’ve WD-40’d my hands when I use this clear case.

And with any clear case, fingerprinting is going to be an issue which makes no sense what so ever, especially when you’re getting this case in conjunction with the 11 Pro’s and their frosted back. The one thing I like about the backs of the 11 Pro’s is that minimizes fingerprinting. The backs are almost like a throwback to the old iPhone 7 finishes. BUT none of that matters if you slap this fingerprint magnet of a case onto your device.

When it comes to protection, the Clear Case isn’t dropped rated to anything so my guess is 4ft at a minimum. The edge of the case is high enough to accommodate a screen protector and the case fits tightly enough that dust shouldn’t be an issue.

In terms of accessing your iPhone, the buttons on the Apple Clear Case are tough to use. That’s right, instead of a nice click that you get from the Apple Silicone case, you get to finger punch your iPhone every time you want to put it to sleep..

There are no issues with the screen functionality and the camera access is fine THOUGH I’m surprised that Apple doesn’t have a semi-gloss black coating around the cutout, as per their own guidelines, to minimize light bouncing back into the camera.

That’s the Clear Case by Apple. A clear fail in my opinion.

My biggest issue with the Apple Clear Case is that you aren’t getting much for what you pay for. At $40 USD or $55 for where I’m at, you get a below average case. At least with the Silicone case, the buttons aren’t a big hassle. At least with the Silicone case, there aren’t too many copycat cases. At least with the Silicone case, you can actually hold onto your iPhone. At least with the silicone case, you can use your iPhone well.

BUT with the Clear Case, you get none of that. I’d personally take ANY clear Spigen Case over this Apple product, I’d take a Tech 21 Pure clear, a ballistic jewel, even an Otterbox Symmetry.

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37 Replies to “Apple iPhone 11 Clear Case Review – A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE case”

  1. Zaphod Stone says:

    I held this case in the apple store and put it back so fast, it handles like a buttered ice cube and the protection is nonexistent. The silicon apple case at least offers a bit of protection, the clear case is thin, hard plastic and doesn’t have anything on it that looks like it would save your phone in a drop.

  2. JcruzR 2 says:

    I got a Speck, Spigen Rugged Armor and 2 Spigen glass protectors for $40 from Amazon for 2 11 pro max iPhones. Same price as that Apple case.

  3. That's why I have ordered the mous iPhone 11 clearity case for my next phone on boxing day and it is 100x better than the apple one as it is super grippey and it's on sale currently meaning ITS CHEAPER but even though it is near the price of the apple one but it's worth it because it is just a TANK

  4. Lol, apple is selling 0,20 cent cases at $40

  5. Charl Naude says:

    using the clear case and idk if this is just me but it’s literally impossible to take off lmao

  6. -_- says:

    I had one too on my Iphone 11 pro max and i somehow managed to bend my phone trying to take it out of the case

  7. KB legend says:

    Am I the only one who notices how buff this dude

  8. Tech Is Life says:

    There are better cases out there, and  really feels like they can charge that much for a case and it doesn’t even work well.

  9. Yes! I am extremely disappointed in this apple 11 clear case! I owned an apple silicone case with my last phone and i loved it. Felt very good in the hand without being bulky. Thought i’d take a chance on apple’s clear case for my new iPhone 11 hoping the quality would be as good as my previous silicone case. The quality of this case is worse than a cheap clear $10.00 case I purchased from Walmart. It’s is SO slippery that it’s not comfortable to hold. The case is also extremely hard to get off, I fear I’ll damage my phone trying. What a waste of money! Shame on Apple for selling a cheap china made product for $30-$40 when you can get the same thing for $5!

  10. Try totalle they carry some clear cases the feel great when you grab your phone !!! I have one on my iPhone 11 Pro mas !!! I do like it way more then apples high price cases that don’t last !!!

  11. it’s cause the green iphone is ugly 😭

  12. I can’t get my case off for my 11 Pro Max

  13. Alan Ramseur says:

    Hands down the best clear case is from Totalee. It is soft to the touch and covers the whole case. Soooo good.

  14. reginaalear says:

    Which clear case would you say is best for the 11 pro Max?

  15. Can you do a review for the best back glass screen protector for the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

  16. RELOADfx says:

    Cases? Only poor people use those…

  17. Robb Walker says:

    I see that Mous has FINALLY released their Clarity clear case for the iPhone 11 Pro. Any thoughts on it yet or plans to review it? I know you are generally a huge fan of Mous cases. Just wondering how their Clarity case will fare in your honest opinion.

  18. Kevin says:

    Apple generally make the worst official accessories that are ten times expensive than the 3rd party ones and ironically they make better looking and more durable and affordable accessories than Apple!

  19. Poomp Kin says:

    If I buy a clear case or any case I don’t want a brand plastered on it. That’s why I never buy speck or whatever, it just looks tacky. I have the clear apple case and love it

  20. lailodos gad says:

    i like any type if clear case ….

  21. I got a clear case with reinforced corners for my iphone 11 for 2 dollars and offers more protection than apples clear case and they are making a profit of at-least 35 dollars for each case.

  22. Queenly says:

    I bought a fantastic hard plastic case for 35 dollars. Amazing quality. Special plastic. The iPhone clear case is horrible.

  23. Andrew W says:

    I wish I'd seen this video before I upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro and purchased the Apple clear case. You're correct, it's complete rubbish. It's only been a week since I bought it at the Apple Store so I'm returning it tomorrow to take advantage of their two week return window. Today, I took delivery on a BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case. I had one on my iPhones X and Xs and loved it. They didn't have a clear case at the time so I bought a smoke-colored case with a black rim. It looked great with my space-gray phone.and offered great purchase of the phone thus feeling secure in my hand. The new case is crystal clear but unlike the Apple case, it offers very similar purchase as the previous case I had. Also, the case is easy to install and remove since it's very flexible. Removing the Apple case was incredibly difficult. Never again will I trust Apple to offer the best case. They screwed up immensely with this one.

  24. Jay Puckett says:

    The clear life proof case is a piece of junk as well, cheap plastic that breaks on cleaning,don’t get it either!

  25. Monty is the sweetest! Nice outtakes🤣

  26. Mike says:

    I also have the case but it seems it doesn't have a snug fit, I can press the back near the Apple logo and it shows a faded rainbow color when held at an angle .
    Did you have the same experience with it or did they send a fault product?

    P.S. anyone saying I overpaid, I didn't mind to drop 20$ extra to get it in the same package

  27. P.s the video is great apart from the miss pronunciation. Hope Monty is feeling better!

  28. Think of the word access, as in access all area’s. That’s the same sound you should make when you say accessory, so phonetically it’s a k sound for the first c in the word and a soft c for the second c in the word. That’s how you pronounce it correctly, the other way makes it a nonsense word!

  29. Margaret says:

    Hope Monty feels better soon. I don’t have any problem with branding using my UAG black carbon monarch case and I love the huge Uag logo. Isn’t that why people buy things? I would not buy a clear plastic slippery case even if it did have a Apple logo on it. The price in 🇨🇦 is insane go buy a totallee clear case much better grip and even thinner than Apples case. Clear cases look great when brand new but they don’t hold up for too long 🤮

  30. Dude, learn to say accessory properly! Seriously, you’re mispronouncing the word over and over and over again. It makes a mockery of the content of this video. You and Everything Apple Pro do it constantly, and it makes you look unprofessional. It’s really that simple.

  31. osoifamf says:

    Guess Monty is your version of white shoes !

  32. Ignatius says:

    I mean i have the pelican clear iphone 11 pro max case and its comfortable, has a bit of flex in it cause its rubbery but it is a little slippery

  33. TheMarkusAT says:

    It’s a clear case. It shouldn’t have anything extra.

  34. AJ Jay says:

    👍 for "🤬 my ass!" 🤣

  35. Kris Musto says:

    Best clear cases for iphone 11 pro max?

  36. You know what’s also terrible that yellow T-shirt lol jk

  37. Awesome review! You saved me some money. Just got the Apple leather case. Not as slippery. Will check out the other clear cases you suggested. 🤙🏼

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