Apple AirPods Teardown with iFixit

November 14, 2019 by 35 Comments

Kyle Wiens co-founder of iFixit joins Leo Laporte and Alex Wilhelm to talk about all the tech and glue packed into the Apple AirPods.
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35 Replies to “Apple AirPods Teardown with iFixit”

  1. For 2 years… it is kinda AriPods by subscription only $10 a month

  2. Chloe Mills says:

    Anyone else dropped an AirPod and the tops come off😅

  3. The glue is to make it water proff

  4. Ivy Dowell says:

    There are the people who can’t afford AirPods, then there are people who experiment with AirPods and CUT THEM OPEN💀

  5. Ju B says:

    Ha ha! My new pair just popped open last night and the wires are detached. Fixable?

  6. Gavin Vigil says:

    STFU LEO, Jesus Christ man you’ve been talking for 30 years straight. Let your guests talk.

  7. TSG says:

    So it's like a stick of chewing gum. You enjoy it and use it for a short time, spit it out and throw it away. Except, a stick of chewing gum doesn't cost $160 freaking dollars!

  8. The Unkown says:

    This video made me find out that my airpods are fake since the inner of it is different

  9. All Videos says:

    Might aswel shove the mic up your ass at this point

  10. 8 BALL KING says:

    May airpods deep in water😭😭😭😭😭

  11. I thought microphone is down side of the stick.

  12. Who thinks twice about buying these and then is like wait they're not recyclable who cares 🤣

  13. Chris Arnold says:

    You guys are doing this teardown wrong. They are a pair of headphones and you aren't talking about the microphones or speakers. There would be no product without them.

  14. Andrew Kamen says:

    0:30 that eyebrow raise tho lol.

  15. Nati says:

    Wait you telling me not to buy a product cuz they cant be Rec..👀

  16. DougisLive says:

    People throw out batteries every day, there nothing stopping people from throwing these out even if they were recycled.

  17. Why tf is he wearing headphone

  18. CatGods says:

    Am I the only one here watching to see if I can recreate the circuit and turn my wired headphones into AirPods

  19. if they could integrate a replaceable lithium ion cell battery in the new airpods that would improve on the recyclability of the product.

  20. When I heard that only one seam is visible I checked my AirPods and they both have the seam

  21. kicksoffs says:

    No way Leo Laporte, this is where you've been hiding.

  22. PIckeljuice says:

    In short, they're a rip-off, don't buy them

  23. Trip Line says:

    My air pods last just as long as when I got them 2 years ago.

  24. MUFABH says:

    The reason I'm watching this is because power button isn't working!!
    Anyone knows how to fix that??

  25. Roy Abr says:

    one of the most EVIL company


  26. Dear my right AirPods not working ! Simbol show the phone 😔😔

  27. Moc12321 says:

    My AirPods are falling apart I think

  28. Wizzard says:

    well when u wanna look inside these shits just use hammer

  29. EZRALOTT says:

    It's amazing how they are able to integrate huge amounts of software into small applications.

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