Airpods vs. Airpod Clones (i9S) – Can they compete at 1/4 of the cost?

January 16, 2020 by 39 Comments

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39 Replies to “Airpods vs. Airpod Clones (i9S) – Can they compete at 1/4 of the cost?”

  1. DAniel Galit says:

    Igot my i9 tws for 7$ hehehe😁😁

  2. Xmas
    You got Airpods
    And you want to see are they fake or not 😊👋❤😂

  3. Jesse Acosta says:

    They're not the worst for what they are. I typically stick with my JBL headphones but eventually they tire my ears vs the i9s which don't

  4. I got mine for 9.00 on wish.

  5. Ramzisk a says:

    I bought these for 10 dollars. For such a cost it is awesome.

  6. Peng Du says:

    i got i9s for free LOLOL SUKARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. barok kidus says:

    Wow my has magnet and uses iPhone charger

  8. Yeah, I got these for 3,50$ on AliExpress no kidding 😀

  9. Super Shadz says:

    I have the newest version which is bluetooth 5.0. and they are magnetic+no blue flashing lights when youre using them

  10. Anna Cochran says:

    My i9s's are actually great. They dont fall out and have good quality! Only about 3 hour battery life thou 🙁

  11. Lia says:

    Got mine for £10 from AliExpress with magnet. Lol you got scammed.

  12. Crispiix says:

    one of mine randomly broke >:(

  13. Don't know when this review came out but the Air Pods are still $100 dollars now and the
    I9s are $9 dollars on eBay. Making them far more worth the money over the Ipods.
    The guy mentions hearing things around you as a negative, but I'm glad I can hear
    things around me since I wear these while doing my walks. I like being able to hear
    if cars are coming or somebody is about to pass me jogging. As far as the sound quality goes.
    The I9s sound great to me. And as far as the battery life goes. I just bought two pair for with tax $20 dollars a fifth of the price of the Air pods. When one runs down I just switch to the other pair
    while the first pair is recharging in their carrying box. As far as sound quality on music I use the Power Amp app. Best Music App out there. Lets you control everything about the way your music sounds.
    So the i9s really sound great using that App.

  14. MindOfRez says:

    Wait, so do the 9s’s work with an iPhone charger????

  15. Lojan Max says:

    5.24$$ in AliExpress

  16. Angel Rose's says:

    The i9s a question about it when you turn the i9s on does it glow with red and blue ?and I’m getting the i9s for only £15

  17. I9 are like 10bucks on ali

  18. Amber Gray says:

    Don’t buy these things. I got a pair before I bought my AirPods and they would never stay charged. I couldn’t even listen to a full song before the batteries were low. I just gave in an bought AirPods! I’m glad I did though because I love them!

  19. Matt Gaming says:

    Woah Woah Woah!!! My I9s needs a lightning cord and they are magnetic so they won't fall off!!

  20. fallen spy says:

    I got one for 4.99 dollars on alliexpress

  21. Shubh Gandhi says:

    Mine i9 work perfectly

  22. I was trying to look for the size comparison

  23. dexstiny says:

    The sound quality is actually perfect in my opinion 🤔 maybe it depends on where you purchased them

  24. mine were $15 has magnet which hold the airpod lightning port nad every thing as airpod

  25. I9s are 14 to 20 dollars don't buy from that sight

  26. EpicGaming says:

    Well I bought them updated versions for 17€ and there now magnetic and connect automaticly and the sound is amazing!

  27. I got I9s for $18 on gearbest

  28. Mine were £10 🤷‍♀️😂

  29. you should buy it form more bigger companies like wish these small website get such a huge profit

  30. enija says:

    I got em for 8€

  31. So the box lights up blue when fully charged?

  32. Bana Dler says:

    I have i9s it is magnet and it is not falling

  33. EXZOTIQ says:

    I got the i9s and they have lightning cable and magnetic

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