Airpods Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3 ANC Test Audio Test. Listen to them here!

January 16, 2020 by 41 Comments

Airpods Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3 ANC, Audio TEST, Transparency Sample

* I had experienced issues recording the AirPods Pro with the Adaptive EQ adjusting itself in the recording equipment.  I have fixed the issue you can hear the AirPods Pro more accurately in many of my more current videos.

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41 Replies to “Airpods Pro vs Sony WF-1000XM3 ANC Test Audio Test. Listen to them here!”

  1. Rick Tsang says:

    The AirPods Pro sound better in real life than it does in this video. The adaptive EQ was adjusting itself in the recording equipment.  I have fixed the issue you can hear the AirPods Pro correctly in my newest video. AirPods Pro vs Jabra Elite 75T. I also have a giveaway of the Jabra Elite 75T in one of my newest videos. I hope you will join me! Thank you for watching. I appreciate it!

  2. Viraj says:

    I like the sound of Airpods & they seems more comfortable in ears which is my main priority, so I'll buy Airpods

  3. The choice is easy the sony wins hands down by a country mile

  4. i wish sony ones were water proof, that would be the best

  5. SuchFinessse says:

    I have just about every pair of mainstream earbuds and headphones out there. The airpods pro are still my favorite for a few reasons. Sure, there's still a stem that sticks out of your ears, but by far, they protrude the least from your ears. Also, due to the shape of my ears, they create the best seal for me and therefore the ANC performs on par with my Bose QC35s. They lack the mids and clean lows that other headphones have and the highs are a bit tinny, but hey, at least I can hear my music. The biggest problem to me is that the ear tips lose their "texture" (for lack of a better term) after being in your ears for a while, so they start to slip after a few hours. Overall, the ANC, size, fact I can sleep in them, fit them under a motorcycle helmet, wear them to work; the fact that I can use them everywhere, in most any situation, that's why they're my favorite.

  6. Although the Airpods pro are better in ANC than Sony. Regrading the sound, Sony is overwhelming the Airpods. I think, the most important thing with TWE is the sound, so this is the reason why I choose the Sony.

  7. moony kash says:

    So airpods pro is good but relatively less in over all quality and more expensive

  8. I own the sony and it super good and I also have my friends AirPods Pro with me and he had switch to the wf1000xm3 because he didnt like AirPods Pros and I tried the noise cancelling it was no good

  9. Airpods pro is mid heavy, sony have better clarity and deeper bass but honestly if daily using i will choose airpods pro

  10. Derek Lin says:

    Watching this with my Sony wf 1000xm3 and there's such a big difference between Sony's and airpods pro. So glad I picked up the Sony's

  11. How do you capture the noise cancelling effect?

  12. AQIL GAMING says:

    Thank you for this review… I choose Sony will buy soon..

  13. Nai Muds says:

    I'm absolutely so impressed with Sony's exceptional audio quality especially when the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine is switched on- it reproduces a high quality sound very much close to the original CD sound source. The noise cancelling functionality works of up to 95% in shutting down the excess noise in the immediate environment. On the other hand, when placing my finger over the earbud turns the volume right down and lets in ambient sound. I can instantly chat with someone without taking my headphones off and anyone whispering within a few inches away from me will be enhanced and obviously be heard fairly well so watch out gossip mongers!

  14. Edem kofi says:

    I own the SONY, but i still watch these comparisons sometimes to tell myself i made the better choice

  15. Poe Dameron says:

    2:26 This is where the sony's really shine

  16. There is a huge difference when you put these in your ears and test them. Did lot of research and bought the Sony WF-1000XM3 for the sound and was not that impressed. Android users go with Sony and IOS with Airpods pro. Hopefully you get to try them both and test yourself before spending your hard earned money. Sony is quite buggy with its software as compared to apple Airpods pro. And i know you won't believe me when i say Apple Airpod pro sounded better than Sony.

  17. And then I have decided to buy both of them,thanks

  18. It's always the smaller creators that make short, straight to the point, and just entertaining videos in general. Keep it up homie skillet.

  19. Marike Best says:

    I’m listening this with my Sony wf-1000xm3 en it sounds great but I’ve also had AirPods pro and there isn’t really that much difference like in this video, it almost sounds the same. But the AirPods pro just didn’t fit in my ears so that’s why I bought the Sony! But for everyone else, the sound from Sony and AirPods are almost the same and really not like this video 🙂 well in my opinion they sound the same!

  20. jnuttallphd says:

    Best sound comparison I've seen on I'd like to see a sound comparison with Jabra Elite 755.

  21. I think it’s really what youre going after, if you’re looking for easy access and smaller case then go with the airpods, if you don’t care about the size then you should go with the Sony’s

  22. garou12 says:

    you're like the only reviewer that i've seen on youtube to actually show the sound quality with and without the noise canceling. great job!

  23. Agung We says:

    I almost buy airpods pro for my iPhone 8 Plus and after i watch your video, i decided not to buy one. The sound is crap like a cheap earphone, better the sony. Thank you for testing, mate

  24. Bud Fox says:

    Ha Airpod Pros sound REALLY BAD…

  25. I have both sets, it's not even close. Sony is just to far ahead on sound

  26. Man u earned my subscription with this awesome review. I love it.
    I would really appreciate it if you could do a comparison between the Anker liberty 2 Pro VS the Sony.
    Pls keep doing more of this.

  27. ZEN ZEN says:

    I just bought the xm3 a week ago. Love them.. but i find them a bit bulky for my ta especially the case. And the ambient controls are a bit finicky. But hey! A recent update allows you customize what the buttons do….including as VOLUME CONTROLS!

  28. SBC Gaming says:

    I think the noise cancellation is better on the AirPods Pro

  29. ordered some xm3s before seeing this video. boy am I glad I chose those.

  30. I am listening on my Sonys. There is no comparison in sound quality.

  31. anandhmahi says:

    I used both. I like both. Though I am a Sony fan, airpods never loses a beat of all frequencies of a sound. Sony has a great bass and noice cancellation. I use both of them alternatively to enjoy both. Choice of melody music lovers will go to airpods pro.
    Choice of party beats lovers will go to Sony.

  32. Bas Hauwert says:

    Bro the sony’s are fucking superior. Yet you pay more for the apples 😅

  33. I dont think that what airpods pro sounds like. Huge difference on actual use.

  34. Rndy says:

    If only i saw this video before i got the pro… I have the 1000X already and it sounds very impressive..!!

  35. David Towles says:

    I have the over the ear X3 and the air pod pros and without a doubt the over the ear sony's sound way better and have way better noise canceling, I hear parts of songs that I didn't even realize existed. That being said, I rarely use them unless specifically listening to musing and focusing on it. I spend 10x more time using the more convenient air pod pros (which also do a way better job at phone calls). The air pod pros do sound better than the regular air pods 2.

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