AirPods Pro VS Jabra Elite 75t — A New King?

January 15, 2020 by 46 Comments

AirPods and AirPods Pro are the most popular true wireless earbuds out there — but they have stiff competition with the Jabra Elite 75t! We compare both wireless headphones to see where each wins and loses.

Jabra Elite 75t:

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46 Replies to “AirPods Pro VS Jabra Elite 75t — A New King?”

  1. JacobLukas says:

    How could you compare and review those earbuds and didn't say a thing about call quality? Just sloppy. Btw Call quality and noise reduction during calls are superb on Jabra's 75t

  2. It's David says:

    My right earbuds sound has broken 3 times with the 65ts, think it’s time for another brand :/

  3. Jezza says:

    Jabra’s are way better. AirPods have the weird “stem” sticking out from the bottom and it looks terrible.

  4. Glad you compared these two. Airpods pro are a nice update to the OG airpods. Their noise cancellation is a fun little featute, albiet not .able to touch Sony's wireless earbuds and their noice cancellation. But if you like sound and bass and I'd say the best value, Jabra is the king here. If you d rather convenience airpods pro.

  5. Robert p says:

    The jabra elite 75t are annoying I just returned mine to Best Buy the sound is great but the constant sound drops are terrible also call quality is horrible what’s the point if no one can hear you but I blame my self because I should have learned when I purchased the 65t model hopefully the AirPod pro are better

  6. Naughtysauce says:

    This guy is completely grasping at straws here to justify the $51 premium of the pro's lol

  7. Jonas J says:

    I had Jabra 75T. Returned them because I got FOMO and got the AirPods pro.
    And man I regretted that instant.

    AirPods pro sounds boring and the bass is really nothing compared to Jabra 75T. So I sold the AirPods pro and got the Jabra again.

    I’m so happy now. Sound quality is better, they look better and are more “stealth” and discreet looking + i saved $100..

    I needed engaging earphones with punchy and deep bass the AirPods can’t deliver that.

    Furthermore. AirPods loose a lot of sound quality when the ANC is enabled, so another big minus there.

    The 75t wins! No argument. Listen to both and you’ll hear.

  8. Marcus Young says:

    My jabra’s are gonna be here TODAY!! took my AirPods pro back, sound wasn’t there and I was always afraid they would fall out

  9. I got the jabras but maxed out volume sounds like medium volume and they really amplify the hissing sound on certain songs and videos thats otherwise unheard with other headphones

  10. Isaac Arias says:

    How would you compare the senheisers against the b&o e8 2.0

  11. I’m watching this WITH the jabra elite 75t … These are actual GOLD. You can’t go wrong with these!

  12. I was a 65t user for a while and decided to upgrade when the 75t came out. However, I figured I’d give the AirPods pro a chance because so many youtubers were saying the sound quality has improved quite a bit. After listening to a few of my favorite songs with the AirPods pro, I drove back to Best Buy and returned them for the 75t. If all you care about is the little connectivity perks you get from connecting apple products and the ascetics then go with the AirPods pro. If you care about sound quality and adding some life to your music, definitely go with Jabra. IMO, AirPods pro were very flat with very little bass so you end up missing out on a lot of the songs details. Don’t fall for the hype!!

  13. Joshua Katz says:

    Jabra is the absolute best on all levels-there's no other way around it!
    Apple is complete trash compared to these earbuds, my 65t's are better than the new aiprod pro's!

  14. I have an iPhone 8 and I am wondering if I can still use the 75t’s or if I should spend the extra money and go to AirPod pro? It would be very helpful to get some help on this.

  15. U V says:

    I have the Jabra Elite 65t and also the Airpods Pro. I would have stuck with Jabra but they had terrible interference issues with the wifi and powerline networking in my house to the point that it was just impossible to use in my house. From what I can gather it's an issue with a lot of Jabra's bluetooth earbuds so that made me hesitant to spring for the 75t vs the Airpods Pro.

  16. J A says:

    You failed to consider the UX of Airpods Pro with non-apple devices. I'm sure the UX arguments you made are irrelevant when talking about Android…

  17. You Tube add plus your sponsors.🤢🤮

  18. Once the Jabra Elite Active 75Ts come out it's curtains for the airpods pro. They also have to fix the independence of each bud so you can use either to call and listen, and the Battery.

  19. jack daniel says:

    The king beoplay e8 2.0😍

  20. pakcokok88 says:

    Jabra rock😀😄😃

  21. The king is 75t apple pro sucks and ugly looks on ears (( especially the price which is apple charged citizens 250$ sooo ridiculous for what? Trust me ppl buy it 75t and enjoyed you guys will not be disappointed the price on 75t worth it 179$

  22. Sir. Rudens says:

    Have you tried anker liberty 2 pro it Will kick some butt in that comparation

  23. V G says:

    I have the Jabra Elite 65t. Love them. If I was to upgrade, I would go Jabra again. I still hate the look of the Airpod Q-Tips sticking out of like that…

  24. Hi. For the past 9 months I have been using the Jabra Elite Active and loved them.

    I have the Apple first edition true wireless as well.

    I have just bought the 75t as a Xmas treat for myself.

    For any of you wondering if it’s worth upgrading the answer is a definitive YES.

    The sound quality is way better.

    The call quality is better.

    The fit is still awesome.

    But the real winner…..

    I went to the gym with them the first time. And I almost forgot they were in there. Because they are so light I thought they were going to fall out. But no it’s just that they’re so light it feels like they might for the first 10 minutes. Then when I realised they wouldn’t it was pure heaven.

    Seriously these are truly brilliant.

    And as for a comparison with the Apple. No thanks not going to waste my money. The Jabra finally does it all. Goodbye Apple.

  25. My 75ts kept cutting out i had to return them 😞

  26. bigcraig4u says:

    Man PLEASE PLEASE Stop it – The Sound Quality isn't even close – The Jabra are KILLING THEM – How is the user experience a Plus when The Air-pods are made Especially for IOS? The Jabras are MUCH Better all the way Around and I'm not saying the Air-Pod Pro are Bad by Any means, but can We Please PLEASE stop this Air-Pod Pro MADNESS? Just Keeping it 💯 the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro's sound better than Everything Out Now – Facts.

  27. Airpods don't even come close to the Jabras sound quality. Only legion Apple heads think airpods are great

  28. Asis Karki says:

    Man the way he says "and" is amazing🤣

  29. i don't speak english ,what is your favorite?

  30. Oliver Bose says:

    Yesterday I finally got my AirPods Pro. Coming from the first generation of the AirPods for me it’s a big upgrade. This is exactly what I was looking for. For using these headphones while on the go the sound quality isn’t so much important for me. On the other side I prefer using these headphones with just Apple devices much more (integration).

    i really would like to know if you can make phone calls with both headphones. With the 65t it was just possible with the right one.

    Plus, how you manage several pairings? When I’m connected to my iPhone for example and listening music. How can I pick up a phone call on my Apple Watch without switching to the 75t manually?

  31. MrBobadil says:

    Why does everybody keep saying Passive Noise Cancellation? Cancellation can only be active. Attenuation or reduction is for passive…

  32. みず says:

    AirPods for the ANC and comfort. Sennheiser for the sound quality. And Jabra is the all-rounder.

  33. Matt says:

    Sticks with the Airpods even though the Jabras sound better with better battery life.

  34. Chris Storer says:

    I know that the AirPods Pro are more expensive, but the seamless interaction with them the moment you open them to the moment that they are in your ears is just but a few seconds. no external app is required to control them. So yes I am more on the side of convenience. 🙂 Apple has managed to suck me in. Lol. I don’t mind though because you can’t argue with the appeal of it all working seamlessly together.

  35. Chris Storer says:

    Am I the only one who heard “earBads” instead of earbuds?

  36. P//MBECH says:

    1:10 eeeewww those buds look gros

  37. steve9348 says:

    AirPods are overpriced . If they where 200$ then maybe they would of been the top choice . But jabra been on top of there game . And best overall. And been a company that always try’s to perfect there products and not over charge

  38. Peter says:

    Of course, AppleInsider would never stick to non Apple products, last 2 weeks your website was flooded with buys and promotions concerning Apple products!
    That’s the trouble with these guys, over biased to the great god Apple!
    Objective product reviews are very hard to find these days!

  39. Gio says:

    Beats pro are the best

  40. Eric Brett says:

    All of these air pod comparison reviews should start with 1) do you require the lips to be synced for video on your apple device? If yes there its air pods or very few alternatives (Razer). 2) do you want to change quickly between apple devices and seamlessly. If yes non-AirPod or Beats products are non-starters.

  41. xknoewx says:

    Lately, your lighting is not very good. Your light source is too close to your face. Put it back another foot or so

  42. Your videos are so good. Love your content. Well thought out and executed.

  43. Wow you eliminate the Jabras in the first few minutes.

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