AirPods Pro vs Galaxy Buds vs Huawei Freebuds 3 vs Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

December 3, 2019 by 44 Comments

YOu Guys asked for a comparison btw the Galaxy Buds & the AirPods Pro, so here it is. Also two more headphones with the Huawei Freebuds 3 & the Anker Soundcore Liberty Pro. Which sounds the best?

Airpods Pro:
Galaxy Buds:
Huawei Freebuds 3 :
Anker Liberty 2 Pro:
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44 Replies to “AirPods Pro vs Galaxy Buds vs Huawei Freebuds 3 vs Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro”

  1. How Much would you spend on true wireless Buds?

  2. Lexx RAZO says:

    Where is the Powerbeats pro?

  3. sumd doodz says:

    does the wingtip part of the headphones of the galaxy buds make anyone's ear hurt?? because mine hurt after like one minute. does someone know if its ever going away??

  4. Yejoon Yang says:

    For the galaxy buds, you can raise the bass a lot by going settings, sound, advanced sound, and then turning the left wheel all the way to bass, then turn on Dolby Atmos, and then go to the wearable app and turn it to bass boost.

  5. Wow really nice review thanks I already decide to get samsung earbuds but needs more details and you give it to me I dont care that much about bass sound 🔉 I want clear strong voice with setting to adjusting it even the call thing is low or not that good but I am not afraid of that I think once the earbuds is set right in your ear 👂 you could hear also I dont call that much

  6. Galaxy buds …
    I did set my equalizer in my samsung phone to custom plus equalizer in Bluetooth app.result is perfect deep bass.

  7. Is the samsung airpods or any other is compatible with huwaei phones? Or only huwaei can be used with huwaei phones

  8. I ordered AirPods pro and I really like them.

  9. I guess we need to wait and see how the cleer ally plus perform

  10. Mutaz Jabban says:

    Thank you for this straight forward review . ENJOYED IT.
    good work

  11. Where i can buy a Huawei Freebuds 3? I'm from guam

  12. It's not really fair to compare an open fit with a closed fit design is it? 😂 Would u say the Freebuds 3 are the best open fit wireless earphones tho?

  13. Randy Weaver says:

    My wife has the Galaxy buds and I thought those were amazing until I got the soundcores as a gift. No contest. I have used all different kinds of true wireless buds and the only ones that compete are the Sony's and those are about twice as much.

  14. I bet all the apple users are salty cuz us Samsung ppl came in 2nd

  15. Wired is better👌👌👍🌚

  16. Emo Elephant says:

    HI very nice review.. How do you fix the right ear buds low volume problem

  17. Afghan Heart says:

    Call quality is important for me other person should hear me clear so which one should i pick up

  18. i'm looking to buy the galaxy buds but i'm wondering if it delays audio ? on YouTube or Netflix or spotify or games ?

  19. Big Boy 92 says:

    If you’re doing calls, stick with Apple, the mics are fantastic, but the galaxys are nice due to price.

  20. Michael Yang says:

    An I the only owner of the galaxy buds that thinks the base is pretty good?

  21. _getfree says:

    I love my galaxy buds

  22. nick johnson says:

    Awesome video bro well done I now know what on to buy like how long it last but I look at the price $75 us is the right? Because you said 150 is that in pounds

  23. I have the Galaxy Buds and I love them, only problem is the mic and sometimes there's bluetooth delay

  24. Simon j lag says:

    Huh really bro bro it is sponsored by anker right

  25. 3:16 Background image link please? It's fire xp

  26. Zoalerix says:

    Honest Reviewer, I can tell. Not try so hard to make money of affiliate links

  27. Tip: Don't use songs like "Beat It" for sound comparison, mastering and mixing standards and techniques 20 years ago were far different and worse then todays. Songs like "Beat It" are really good and surely have that charm just because they are mixed the way they are, but they are not adequate for testing the quality of bass, mids, highs or whatever you are looking for.

  28. You’re pretty repetitive, maybe consider writing a script for your videos!

  29. Liberty 2 pro vs Jabra 75T pleeease

  30. MrVegas says:

    Thanks playa but in all seriousness, everybody on YouTube spend countless hours trying to pit Apple vs Android ear buds. Its boring. But the fact is, if the ear buds can't get the best sound from the device and reproduce that sound, any result you get is only the best of what the ear bud gets from the device. If you are going to pit one OS vs another, why not pair any bud you review with BOTH OS. Its quite disingenuous to simply read the box then repeat the same comments every other Vlogger says rather than doing a real review.

  31. Ali Hauat says:

    1 samsung
    2 Airports pro
    3 Huawei

  32. Huawei Freebuds 3 the BEST of all!

  33. A G says:

    in Amazon reviews a lot of people are saying the static on the Anker's needs to be addressed.. hopefully its can be resolved ..

  34. C C says:

    As an audiophile and a sound technician I disagree with you in sound quality on these items. Your using mainstream brands which is totally garbage as your preference to rate this buds.

  35. sujal shakya says:

    Are liberty pro 2 better than jabra vista and jabra 75t in sound wise?

  36. Millionaire says:

    Sound quality is a very subjective issue, I personally love the bassy presentation of the AirPods and respect the fact that another may not. Being a live sound engineer, the sound the most live to me. I reckon one should try these on and choose what’s best for them. The only earbuds I find superior to the AirPods are the Sony buds, those are almost studio grade!

  37. N R says:

    The Ankers are great.
    They sound frickin awesome, the battery life is amazing, the charging speed is amazing, the price is great.
    They're basically the perfect earbuds. Maybe not if you need ANC, but you really don't.

  38. Ali G says:

    Shuould i get the freebuds 3 or galaxy buds? I have a Huawei p20

  39. Dan Addams says:

    I am very surprised with the galaxy buds, I got mine as a galaxy note 10+ gift and I wasn’t expecting anything of them, I will never use any kind of noise canceling earphones due to that tech can harm hearing pretty badly and people aren’t paying attention to that… I use it only for music and I found the best settings for the buds, first on a galaxy phone you have to custom set up you audio DAC with adaptive sound app, do the test and then the DAC on the phone will be enabled and customized for your ears and hearing range… then inside the wearable app(galaxy buds app) you have to turn on dynamic profile, the other ones degrades a ton of tonal ranges, so just go for dynamic one and only, then on the system turn on Dolby atmos and leave it by default to the buds but you can use automatic profile or music but if you want a punchier bass leave it in automatic, I was in shock listening the audio quality of the buds and how the bass was improved after tuning them, and at first the bass was great but after the settings the bass is outstanding also the bandwidth that was expanded by enabling the DAC on the phone, I was hearing instruments that I’ve never heard before and I don even knew that they was part of the songs… separation and clarity of each instrument and vocals are amazing and the Dolby atmos setting improves all the tonal range, so I found that to me the buds are the best right now. I’m interested on the Sony’s but they are too big for my taste and noise canceling is dangerous so I prefer to ditch them, also the ancher ones are interesting but now watching your review I will keep my buds instead. Thanks bro

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