Airpods Pro (For Non-Poor People)

January 15, 2020 by 21 Comments

Airpods Pro is the FUTURE of audio technology

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21 Replies to “Airpods Pro (For Non-Poor People)”

  1. B.P. A.W.P. says:

    Music notes are cool but I like my Android 😂😂

  2. H3LLZ Jerome says:

    These are Recommended for Emos and Goths alike

  3. TyGuy says:

    When he said "we added air pod foreskin to it" I lost it 😂

  4. Heineken says:

    I actually have airpods pro and they are pretty good

  5. Limited says:

    To prevent sadness, just get AirPod Pros and make them say, “Don’t be sad” and you will no longer be sad. Wow.

  6. Darth Vader says:

    AirPods pro: A.K.A AirPods with foreskin lmaoooo

  7. COBI WW2 says:

    Airpod foreskin

  8. Super Nova says:

    So airpod pros just added foreskin and it goes deeper so I have fore skin in my ear

  9. Reeen Freer says:

    This looks ignorant tbh but this was funny

  10. Dude, just add “pro” to anything, then it’s better.

  11. Kili St says:

    AirPods and AirPods can give you Cancer

  12. Now we all want to be a music note don't we now?

  13. saus dip says:

    Fact check: this is actually not a function on the air pod pro’s

  14. ZauCees says:

    Those glasses look more cunning and technological than everything than I’ve ever seen

  15. XNope says:

    You can't make this stuff up, you seen the airpod pro's get rid of this man depression.

  16. The 63 diSlikes are from poor people

  17. Christa says:

    Can we just appreciate that the guy turned his “sad mode” on just for this recension

  18. Not to flex on anyone but I am listening to this video with AirPods pro!

  19. truly unoriginal content, truly talentless

  20. K A C says:

    Steve I have arrived 😂🔥🔥

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