AirPods 2 vs Original AirPods: Comparison & Review

December 3, 2019 by 31 Comments

AirPods 2 vs Original AirPods | InsideTech Comparison & Review.

New AirPods are finally here! No, not quite true “AirPods 2”, but a refreshment of the model released back in 2016. The new model brings a handful of new features, such as better battery life, faster connections and of course wireless charging. But what exactly has changed from the original model? And are these worth upgrading to?


– Unboxing: 0:48
– Charging Cases: 1:08
– AirPod Design/Pros: 2:23
– Design Cons: 4:24
– H1 Chip – “Hey Siri”: 6:02
– H1 Chip – Faster Connectivity: 6:34
– Improved Bluetooth (Range/Latency): 7:18
– Audio Quality: 8:33
– Wireless Charging: 9:29
– Battery Life: 9:54
– Price: 10:38
– Summary: 12:18

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31 Replies to “AirPods 2 vs Original AirPods: Comparison & Review”

  1. InsideTech says:

    So guys, what do we think about the new AirPods? Pleased? Disappointed? Let me know what you think about them down below!

    For mobile users, here are the timestamps:


    – Unboxing: 0:48
    – Charging Cases: 1:08
    – AirPod Design/Pros: 2:23
    – Design Cons: 4:24
    – H1 Chip – "Hey Siri": 6:02
    – H1 Chip – Faster Connectivity: 6:34
    – Improved Bluetooth (Range/Latency): 7:18
    – Audio Quality: 8:33
    – Wireless Charging: 9:29
    – Battery Life: 9:54
    – Price: 10:38
    – Summary: 12:18

  2. K.O. Stuff says:

    Airpods 2 without the wireless charging has the led light inside the case

  3. matzzlol says:

    It was a good vid until he started playing fortnite

  4. Danny Draws says:

    scientists are saying that these new cordless headphones are causing a
    lot of damage to the brain and since its new technology, they have to
    see the outcome for a few years.

  5. I received some AirPods 2 today. Had the first gen and sold them. Had I not gotten this set free, I would have opted non wireless charging case. Not worth it. I want the AirPods pro.

  6. If I got these would I be able to use them while warming up in sports or would they fall out?

  7. Harry Rumble says:

    They’re not the originals they’re the AirPods two without the wireless charging case Apple don’t sell the original ones at Apple anymore

  8. Here’s a tip, why didn’t you put a volume on the air pod by sliding your finger up and down?

  9. Michael Hord says:

    both versions deserve to be called shit pods. i hate mine. ive had both. buy them if you like re pairing them to your android phone every time you use them. I really hate this shit, every day its a cussing session as I re pair and restart my android. worse, if I use them with my iphone, only one shit pod will work at a time until I restart the phone or some other ritual. I swear these things are about the worst mistake you can make. you are better off buying cheap ones that you throw away after 6 months than fighting with this shit.

  10. Pedro Pena says:

    Great video. Can you please add the amazon link for the wireless charger? I have a Uline wireless charger that won’t work with my AirPods.

  11. I think airpod be are the best base upon there features.
    They are water proof for sure. I found out accidentally.

  12. You can adjust the double tap sensitivity?? How do you do that?

  13. Amanda says:

    I have a small ear canal, So ones that do no matter how small the rubber pieces they don’t stay in, AirPods are amazing for this reason. I also hate the idea of not being able to hear what’s going on around me, I feel like that could be dangerous at the end of the day not being aware of your surroundings fully.

  14. M4RV 1 says:

    Tim Cook never called me when I upgraded to AirPods 2 😢

  15. I'm using airpods with wires😐

  16. Peter Peter says:

    Hygiene factor very good compared to inner ear canal fits. Its better to sit in the outer ear canal than go in and transmit bacteria and fungus.

  17. TheRedGuyYT says:

    Who else cringed when he put in the earphone

  18. How do you answer a call? I still can’t figure this out. Tapping the AirPods don’t work

  19. I have 2nd gen but I don’t have a wireless charging pad

  20. Vicente Pena says:

    My AirPods deadass never fall out I can work out and run and they never fall

  21. Noor Bista says:

    I bought today the 2 nd generation airpods but they haven’t gave me the wireless charger

  22. Nos, how can i know if I’m buying the second generation WITHOUT wireless and not the first generation?

  23. Nils R.K. says:

    Tfw £199 is apparently $199…

  24. Lou Cipher says:

    i got my airpods 2 for $80 at tmobile, they had them priced the same as the first pods ($160) and they knocked half off, i paid $170 for the airpods 2 and a 6 gen ipad…

  25. Sai Deepak says:

    Nice review about the AIRPODS 👍🏻

  26. coky79 says:

    Have they implemented the ability to connect with more than one device at the same time? I love the way my original Air pods fit me, but I find their bluetooth connectivity really bad (and I am 100% in an apple environment). My Bose Sport (which look and fit me terribly) automatically connect to my mac book pro and my iphone simultaneously and I never had connect/pair them again.

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