AirPods 2: How to make them (really) useful

January 15, 2020 by 36 Comments

This video will show you how to make the AirPods 2 useful.

Here are some tips and tricks for your shiny brand new AirPods 2. Including fast charging, mapping the gestures, finding them, an accessory and more!

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36 Replies to “AirPods 2: How to make them (really) useful”

  1. i thought this was how to make airpods

  2. TheRealGnoLL says:

    Jailbreak Jailbreak Jailbreak that's it. Without it my iPhone and Airpods would be so limited. #Jailbeak #Unc0ver

  3. 1:42 airpods on samsung …… noice

  4. title: Airpods2 how to make them really useful
    me: put them in your ears and listen to music


    .. you should say “much faster” or “a lot faster” instead. Not hating, just constructive criticism.

  6. The Orange light also means that you have less than one charge left with your case

  7. Tess says:

    His voice annoys me imma go now bai

  8. Why u guys hate he’s the best you tuber and he is so helpful also

  9. Rebecca K says:

    I just got my airpods and I already scratched them a lot.. Do you know if I would be able to return them within the 14 days and act like I don’t want them and then buy the same ones but a new clean pair after I get the money back??

  10. A1ex M says:

    Nigga why do you look like that one guy from ratatouille

  11. yusuf sesay says:

    First time watching this youtuber and I already love him I already subscribed.

  12. WAY MUCH FASTER wow great English

  13. Why is everyone hating on him? I literally learned so much from this video, and I’ve watched like 20 vids on AirPods and I learned like 10 new things from this singular video.

  14. I’m about to get mines in ten minutes it’s almost Christmas

  15. culcc says:

    Just got the 2s today for 360$ I bought The wireless charger and an Apple plan for a 2 year warranty

  16. His grammar skills are terrible.

  17. I carry my phone to the gym with my airpods and apple watch but I keep it in a backpack I leave in the locker rooms

  18. Is there any video of yours regarding the wireless charging case for airpods2 bought seperately ?

  19. David Jack says:

    You look sick. Go eat a burger

  20. Listening on Galaxy buds…

  21. The fact that he listens to break up with your girlfriend cuz I'm bored by ari made me happy

  22. his face trips me out but a great reviewer overall

  23. Monju says:

    My airpods battery is not showing me the correct percentage, its not accurate. i tried resetting it but after i used it and turn it off, it goes back to random percentage. can somebody help me? thankyou

  24. Alex Gillis says:

    I added the air pods 2 to my Christmas wish list this year!
    Hope I get them!

  25. Yu Vlogs says:

    Watching this video with my Airpods Pro

  26. The air pods two are my best investment ever.

  27. Arturo Perea says:

    I have the airpods 2 but without wireless charging their my first pair

  28. OGC X2kShade says:

    are they supposed to have the light on the outside

  29. Stoof says:

    This boi gay af already kno all abkut these dummie

  30. Egg walter says:

    G r a m m a r e x i s t s , u s e i t

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