2019 iPhone 11 Pro Features Confirmed! Apple Watch Series 5 & 16-Inch MacBook Pro Soon

December 2, 2019 by 35 Comments

Apple’s iPhone Pro (and non-pro) models might not be as boring as we initially thought. Rather than focusing on a few major upgrades per usual, the upgrades this year touch nearly every part of the device…except the design. Plus, the Apple Watch Series 5 is coming in some form or another and Apple is preparing the release of the biggest MacBook Pro in years (the rumored 16-inch model). Finally, new AirPods and HomePods are said to be dropping next year.

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Bloomberg issues massive iPhone 11 and Apple September 2019 event report:

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35 Replies to “2019 iPhone 11 Pro Features Confirmed! Apple Watch Series 5 & 16-Inch MacBook Pro Soon”

  1. King Pasindu says:

    Can i know storage apple 11 pro

  2. Dull Bananas says:

    digital crown costs $999

  3. Ethen Jordan says:

    Sooo reverse wireless charging essentially for what im sure a crazy price hike 😂😂😂

  4. Mafr0 says:

    definitely not excited, just here to hear the news

  5. DramaLama says:

    Ipad Mini should match Ipad Pro holy s…..

  6. OnlyJohnHere says:

    Why is everyone complaining about the design? iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s all shared the same core design. 6, 6s, 7, and 8 all shared core design. That’s 4 years. Do people realize we’ve only had the current design for 2? Also, once the notch is gone by ‘21 or ‘22 y’all will still complain about design being the same.

  7. Austin Blake says:

    soooo mannnyyy addddssssssss

  8. Axtrosity says:

    I bet apple is gonna announce reverse wireless charging. Talk about how great it is for like 10 minutes. No one ends up using it and it gets killed off in the iPhone 14

  9. Axtrosity says:

    He looks like a black basketball player but white

  10. I think apple is taking to much time to release the iphone 2019.

  11. sonictonic says:

    I am REALLY liking the facial hair on you!

  12. Antony Basta says:

    All of these features, such as editing while recording, is software. Developers have had a copy of iOS 13 Beta for months now… are any references to these features found in the code?

  13. umm, I'm never excited for a workout

  14. nik maknojia says:

    Why do people keep calling AirPods 2. They are more like 1.1 even Apple doesn’t call them AirPods 2

  15. Luis rivera says:

    So far no reason again to upgrade my iPhone x

  16. SHINCHAN Xd! says:

    Will there be any iPhone x price cut in September?

  17. A beard? Kind of……. 😁😁😁😁🤗 XOXO

  18. idc, if it comes in red ima buy it

  19. snuggles03 says:

    I still use an iPhone 7 Plus, does anyone think an upgrade to this years iPhone is worth it, or should I wait until 2020? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  20. I hope they keep the 7 tweeters HomePod, I would love to get the original or upgraded 7 tweeter one

  21. ArMYaN says:

    Is the ugliest think a lapple never made. 🤮

  22. ejohn87 says:

    Shucks, I've been hoping the second lens on the lower-end iPhone would be wide angle (similar to the Galaxy S10e) as the Xr was already able to create portrait shots with software.

  23. BiG DiL says:

    damn u look a school shoter to me

  24. Bigger battery/night mode in camera/ always on display function please

  25. Is there any thought into the Apple Watch series 5 release date?

  26. VitalVision says:

    Honestly it looked ugly at first but I'm kinda used to it by now

  27. A Awad says:

    Few upgrades for the new non S version iphone , while big ones such as usb c for the "s" version. In 2020 …smh

  28. 菠萝仔 says:

    I don’t like youtuber uses leak to do irresponsible speech, they just wan money and popularity.

  29. Ed says:

    Unsubscribed… to many ads 🙄😡

  30. I don’t know what will to say about the new water resistance, my XR broke from just 5 minutes in some heavy rain (and that say it resists up to 1 meter for 30 mins…)

  31. I’m looking forward to the new iPhones…🙂

  32. Do we know if nightsight is coming ?

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